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Tom Lawson rubs cocks with Rich wills in a mutual wanking video

I fucking love mutual masturbation videos with two guys having fun with their uncut boners. I love it even more when the two straight guys are this fucking hot and this into it. Tom Lawson is the handsome hairy Rugby playing straight lad we’ve seen exploring cock play with other lads for a few months now, and his cock really seems to be enjoying it. Rich Wills is the dude on the left with the smooth body who’s a little more experienced when it comes to frotting cocks with other lads on video.

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This pairing was actually totally unexpected, but we’re glad we’ve got it. They both have amazing uncut cocks, and they’re both so hard and throbbing while they stroke each other, combine their dicks for some frotting, show off their virgin holes and then wank each other some more until they’re making their new friend’s cock splash cum out. Rich makes Tom unleash one of his big erupting cum wads, spalshing semen out all over himself and the floor, then Tom furiously wanks Rich off until he’s pumping cream from his dick too! No doubt these straight guys really enjoyed all that dick play, I think we’re gonna be seeing more of both in the future.



Straight boys frot cocks, Tom Lawson gets his first feel of another lad’s cock

Tom Lawson is back, and the handsome and hunky straight guy is getting his first feel of another guy’s cock with fellow straight boy Dominic Moore. Guess what, he likes it!

The handsome Rugby playing jock has been having fun so far, being wanked off by another man for the first time in his last video. We knew he was going to be back for more, but we didn’t expect that he was going to be enjoying it as much as he does with Dominic.

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Before his cock is even out of his boxers his dick is throbbing and wet with precum, his foreskin glistening and his balls churning up a cum load.

The boys grab each other and wank those cocks a lot, with Tom’s dick so hard it points straight up. He really seems to love reaching out and playing with that other dick, rubbing Dominic’s dick for him and getting his own throbber stroked. The frotting the guys share, combining their cocks and playing with both is awesome to watch.

It definitely does the job for Tom, you won’t believe the powerful mess of cum he launches all over his chest and abs when Dominic wanks him off to a climax! Tom then watches his new straight jerk off buddy pumping his cum out too and we’re left thinking this is only the start of what we’re going to be enjoying from handsome hunk Tom!



Straight guys frotting their cocks, Tom’s first time wanking another dick!

I think we all hoped that we would be seeing straight rugby player Tom Lawson back on the site, and I think we all knew he would be down for enjoying some innocent cock play with another lad. He’s been introduced to fellow straight guy Dominic Moore for this new shoot, getting his first feel of another hard cock and having a great time!

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Dominic has been in a couple of great duo shoots already, frotting cocks with one of their straight lads and then sucking a dick for the first time in his last scene, he’s a great lad to be teaching Tom about cock play.

The guys have an awesome time, both hard and throbbing as they stroke each other and rub their dicks together. I love seeing some straight guys frotting their boners and having such a great time and it’s clear Tom is enjoying his first experience of it.

By the time these lads are shooting off their cum they’re making a whole lot of mess. Tom launches cum all over himself, splashing semen over his head while Dominic wanks him to the finish line. Dominic is soon joining in with his own load and erupting hot cream over his body while Tom watches his cock pumping it out.

I think we’re gonna be seeing both these boys again, no doubt Tom really had a good time exploring.



Wanking Rugby player cock with hairy hunk Tom Lawson

I fucking love sporty men, but I have a special love for hard uncut Rugby player cock on video. I knew this one was coming and after seeing handsome and fit muscled lad Tom Lawson in his debut gallery I knew his solo jack off session was gonna be worth watching. I haven’t been disappointed. The gorgeous straight stud strips down and shows off, his uncut cock thickening up and enjoying being on show. Soon enough he’s stroking his hard dick and sliding his foreskin back and forth over his swollen end, leaking precum and making his balls bounce until his semen is splashing out and decorating his hairy chest and tight abs!
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You wont believe how great his Rugby player cock is

I think I have a new straight hunk to obsess over! Check out new straight guy Tom Lawson, a gorgeous British jock with a hairy muscled body and an amazing hard and uncut Rugby player cock to wank the cream from in his debut jerk off shoot. The 25-year-old is a handsome and buff young hottie who loves playing Rugby and working out, and it all shows in his amazing body. He’s confident about it all too, understandably. When he’s stripping down and showing off in his boxers his 7.5″ uncut cock is already starting to throb. When he reveals his dick it’s semi-hard and looking so tasty, quickly in his hand and being stroked. We get lots of close up shots of his foreskin slipping back from that swollen tip, then he gets fully hard and poses for us, rubbing his meat and making it rock solid, pointing straight up. He clearly loves being on show like this, and his cum load proves it too. He works himself up to an intense climax and splashes his hot semen up his tight body, making a hot mess that drips down his abs in a river of glistening semen! I can’t wait to see him sharing that uncut cock with some of the other straight lads on the site.
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