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Muscle man jack off with straight exhibitionist danali

Who doesn’t love a straight exhibitionist who loves to just get his cock out and have a good time? Danali is straight, but he ain’t shy. I could be wrong, but I get the impression he’s jacked off with a few guys in the past, and maybe he’s even let a few horny men suck that cock for him too. He’s got that horny anything goes attitude about him, he seems like the kind of guy who just doesn’t give a fuck and gets off on cumming, whether it’s with a girl or one his buddies. Check him out in his debut jack off, enjoying his wet meat and really working his tool. You’ll want to have the sound up for this one, all that squelching and slickness while he gets his cum pumping is awesome to hear.

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Cumming with straight muscle man mike johnson

He’s a big dude with a big cock, and he isn’t shy about showing it off and enjoying himself in a solo video. Mike Johnson is a 25yo straight muscled hunk with a great body and all the confidence needed to be in porn, he’s been saving up some cum for us and within moments of getting started his big meat is hard and throbbing. Watch him expertly stroking his cock, pumping his thick manly meat in his fist, rubbing his swollen cock head with his palm, playing with his balls and finishing up with a big load of cum splashing from his dick to decorate his chest. Will we see him again? Let’s all hope so!



Jake Spencer Fucks Xavier Ryan – I love those swinging balls!

Check out the nuts on handsome straight boy Jake Spencer! He’s come a long way since he kicked off his career with a solo, stroking his cock and shooting off a load for the guys. He wasn’t sure about sharing some fun with another guy back in October but he did it and it seems he learned a lot about himself!

He’s back and ready to fuck some more raw ass, and lucky (experienced) Xavier Ryan is the one getting it.



Is straight Rugby player Travis Clemence back for more?

It’s been a long time since we last saw handsome and fit Rugby player Travis Clemence wanking out a cum load on video for the guys, and while we had all hoped to see him frotting cocks and sharing at least some dick play with other dudes on the site (as so many of them do) he only appeared in a solo video before disappearing.

Well, now we have a “bonus” video from his debut photo shoot, which is actually a 27-minute jack off session, his first time in front of the cameras, and it was much needed!

Does this mean he’s gonna be back to get a hand job or rub cocks with another guy soon? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, in the meantime we have his previous solo and this new cum splashing session with the guy to enjoy. Maybe get on the site and leave a comment asking for more of him?



Sexy Sergeant Brady in a marine jerk off video for Spunk Worthy

Damn, Sergeant Brady is one fine looking young man! He’s an MMA fighter and a marine, and although this handsome young man is straight he’s happy to get his cock out and show off how he likes to stroke out his cream. He’s a horny guy who gets really hard when he’s enjoying his dick. See him stroking that curved boner and working out a hot milky load for the boys in his debut. Will we see him back to share that cock with some of the other guys after this marine jerk off solo? Let’s hope so!