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Uncut straight boys Joel and Caspar slap their cocks together

I love some hot frottage between a couple of hard and horny straight boys. Caspar Hamilton and Joel Jenkins are both straight British lads with uncut cocks, and they have a little experience of sharing their boners with other boys in some mutual cock play. I thought both of these boys had left the site, but they’ve both reappeared unexpectedly to get their cocks out and slap them together, frotting their dicks, having a sword fight and wanking each other off until their cum wads are pumping out. You can tell these two guys are having a lot of fun, their dicks are enjoying all that male contact!



2 straight jocks frotting uncut cocks and wanking each other!

I think we all knew Albie Wicks was gonna come back to share his uncut muscle cock with another lad even before we saw the photo shoot of him and Joe Burleigh. I was really looking forward to the video of these two straight jocks frotting their cocks and wanking each other off, and I haven’t been disappointed. When we saw heavily inked lad Joe rubbing cocks with another straight lad for the first time a little while ago it was obvious he was having fun and we knew he would want more, but seeing him introducing Albie to some mutual cock play is a stroke of genius on behalf of the site. These guys really hit it off, comparing their muscled bodies, grappling with each other on the bed, revealing their uncut cocks for each other and comparing their shafts, then wanking themselves and each other. The frotting they enjoy as they slap their dicks together and rub theor shafts is awesome, and the hand job action is amazing. You won’t be surprised to see those cocks getting so stiff and those helmets splashing thick and heavy cum loads out by the end of it. Seriously, you guys need to click through and watch this. Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys think, will these two be back for more mutual cock play with other straight guys after this?