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Straight Matt Fucks the ICEJACK!

From the moment he lubed up and shoved his cock inside, it seemed like he had been using one for years. The gasps and moans gave him away, though, and you can tell it brought jacking off to a new level for him. The intensity built and built as Matt got more wrapped up in jacking off. By the end he’s covered in sweat and has one of the biggest and most intense, vocal orgasms you’ll find on the whole site. The cum shot in every direction, clear off the side of the bed!

Mason Sucks Straight Buddy Gabe

Mason, it turns out, is a little more “bi” than just “curious.” And since his high school buddy, Gabe, has been exploring his sexual boundaries lately, I thought things might get interesting if they were paired up for a shoot. I told Mason ahead of time to take the lead and push Gabe’s limits a bit. And Gabe, to just go with with the flow, of course, with the promise of more cash the further they went.

Str8 Hunk Ian Jerks

Str8 guy Ian seems a little reserved during our pre-shoot chat, but don’t let that fool you. Once his clothes come off, the inner pornstar was unleashed. He mentioned that his girlfriend might be interested in seeing this video, so maybe he put on an extra good show for her. Luckily, we get to enjoy it, too! Ian must have saved up for a couple days ‘cos he blew a damn big load. It flew everywhere! Let’s just say I had to spend some time afterward cleaning up the carpet.