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Bareback top Rick Fantana rams his dick into Ryan Kroger

Rick Fantana gets a surprise when he returns to his motel room and finds Ryan Kroger kneeling naked on his bed begging for some cock. The horny muscled jock top isn’t going to say no to some holes to stuff his throbbing tool into, feeding the greedy guy his thick meat, eating out Ryan’s ass and then stuffing it with his naked length. The bareback top might be straight most of the time, but when he gets the chance to fuck a gay guy’s ass and fire off some cum he’s not gonna say no!



Straight boy jerked off – will Mason Mount want more?

I love seeing a straight boy jerked off by another guy for the first time. It’s simple, but it’s so fucking hot to watch! Mason Mount has been in a solo already, rubbing the cum from his 6.5″ uncut dick, but this time he’s letting another dude take over and handle his throbbing footballer cock. He’s getting a thorough massage for this one, his hairy body being displayed, his virgin ass shown off for the fans to imagine sliding into, his wet cock being rubbed over and over until his cum is leaping out of his tip and splashing over his abs! I think we’re gonna be seeing more from this boy after this.


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Mike’s Army Men has arrived, and we all want it

I know you’re all a member of at least one hardcore gay porn site already, but I think a lot of you are already gonna be wanting to sign up to this new one.

MikesArmyMen.com is just as it sounds, but hotter.

If you remember that scandal years ago when the US Army discovered a whole gang of their guys were getting their cocks out for porn movies (damn, I’m showing my age) then you’ll recognize these videos. But, don’t be thinking this is just a rehash of old content, they’re bringing back the best videos, and shooting fresh content too.

They have 32 videos on the site to get you started (and they’re all fucking hot) but there’s more coming.

Seriously, if you love seeing straight army men shooting huge loads, jerking each other off, sucking cock and fucking each other for cash, you need to check out these videos.

And yes, these guys REALLY ARE military men.



Declan gets his first taste of cock with Adam Gomez

Declan has never done anything with another guy before, but we knew during his solo jerk off that he was willing to try more. Adam Gomez is the very lucky gay guy getting the chance to break him in this mutual session, kicking it off by wanking his long dick for him, then sucking on his wet tool. Declan loves it so much he’s willing to reach out and jerk off his new buddy, but he doesn’t stop there. The floodgates open and soon the straight guy is licking that dick and sucking the precum out of Adam! His own cock is loving it, throbbing and twitching, especially when they get into a 69 and start blowing each other. The final straw for Declan is when he sees Adam’s cock spewing cum out, his own dick starts to spurt, pumping jizz into Adam’s waiting mouth! Looks like Declan discovered his love of hard cock in this video, no doubt he’s gonna be back for more.



Straight guy sucking cock – Tyler Hirst blows Aiden Walsh

Tyler Hirst is no stranger to sharing cock fun with other guys. The big muscle jock started out rubbing cocks with other dudes before getting into more experimental fun. Aiden Walsh has wanked other guys and enjoyed some frotting, but he’s never let another guy suck his cock before.

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Needless to say, he really enjoys the experience in this video, with plenty of bonus footage from their shoot while Tyler rubs their dicks together then gets his mouth around that boner and starts sucking his new buddy. Some straight guys are more into cock than they might admit!