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Hot Fiction with singlet spooGe

We’ve never posted fiction here before but we were invited to read some of what they do on the BuddyBate Patreon and we’re happy to give you a look at their latest story. You should head over there and check it out.

Jared launched himself at me without warning, springing forward and knocking me back. Instinctively I flipped and tried to rise up, pushing with all my strength as his thick legs dangled each side of mine and swung around to hug me. He fell, the thump of his large back slamming against the mat echoed around the dimly lit gym, his powerful forearm around my neck hugging me close to him. Once again I could feel the shape of his manhood against me, his length arching across my buttocks while I lay on him and stared up to the single circle of white bathing us in what almost seemed like a spotlight.

There were no rules now, I knew it for certain when his hand reached down and grabbed the shape of my dick under the tight material, groping my cock and balls hard and squeezing the collected mass. I knew Jared could be confrontational like that, getting a surprise dick slap while I was carrying something was pretty common, but as he growled in my ear “you like that, bitch?” I knew it was on.

Once again his thick forearm was under my chin, the dark hairs where his Fitbit tan line left a pale ring tickled me. His other hand reached down in a fluid movement, grabbing the loose material as my left leg struggled to breach his controlling grip. He tugged, hard, probably trying to give me a wedgie but the only thing he succeeded in doing was to release the length of my pink cock from the leg hole of my singlet, the material bunching up painfully to the right of my cock and balls.

My penis swung out hard and glistening, the veins along the shaft angry and bulging, it was like my cock belonged to the Hulk, the head swelling bigger than I could ever remember it being as the blood flow was tightly restricted and the prison my legs were in made my taint pulsate.

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Rugby player jerk off with new uncut dude Adam Wallis

He’s only 20-years-old, but Adam Wallis has all the confidence needed to be getting his uncut cock out for a rugby player jerk off. Yep, he’s another sporty and straight British lad who doesn’t give a damn about flashing his cock, in fact he really seems to enjoy the fact that you’re seeing him hard and stroking that 8-inch meat. He’s stiff right from the start, eager to get his hard cock out of his shorts and show us how he likes to play with it. We get a great rugby player jerk off session from this lad and we’re left wondering whether this is something he might have done with some of his teammates in the past, you know what Rugby players are like when it comes to flashing their dicks and having fun. After showing his ass and enjoying his uncut boner he shoots a hot cum load out of that thing and looks real pleased with himself, and I have little doubt that he’s gonna be one of those straight guys who comes back to rub cocks with another lad for the first time.



Declan and his uncut soccer cock

New arrival Declan is gonna have a lot of you guys wanking out the cream with him. The European jock dude has been in the US for a while and he talks about being the only uncut lad in the team showers. That’s fucking hot to think about, but not as hot as seeing him working out, ripping his shorts apart and stroking the cum from his thick uncut soccer cock. He’s a great guy, a little curious about things, and apparently eager to come back and fuck some ass!


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Aston Springs loses to muscle top Sean Duran and gets his ass slammed

This is actually a theme I haven’t seen before, and considering this is the first in what I expect to be a series I actually can’t wait to see future pairings! The guys are being teamed up in a competitive tennis match, and the winner gets to ram his cock up the other guy’s ass! Big muscle top Sean Duran is up against handsome and lean Aston Springs, and I think you can already predict how this is gonna go. Needless to say, the big man wins, even though based on size and movement alone it should have been Aston. Not that we care, we’re here to see them sucking cock and hear Aston begging for that cock to ram him harder and harder until his dick is pumping cum and Sean is pulling out to unload his own milky mess!



Straight uncut guy jacking off – Rufus Fitzroy

Check out new guy Rufus Fitzroy. He’s a handsome and fit young British dude who loves working out and boxing, and he seems to love getting his 7.5″ uncut slender cock out for a wank in front of the guys too.

He’s just started out in gay porn and I’m thinking this isn’t gonna be the last time we see him.

If you know anything about what they do there then you know we can probably expect to see him getting that cock stroked by one of the other guys, and maybe even more.

I hope he does what a lot of the other straight guys there do, swapping cocks, wanking each other, sucking those boners and shooting off plenty of loads with each other.