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Casper Feasts On Uncut Dick – Casper Ellis

I know there are plenty of guys out there who would love nothing more than to suck the cum from this handsome young twin, but when you see Casper worshiping that big uncut dick and getting a rewarding facial you’ll be wishing that was you being blown! With deep sucking skills the boy pleasures that meat in every way he knows how, licking the head, sucking on foreskin, tasting that precum, being face fucked too until he’s being showered with semen!


casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-2 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-3 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-4 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-5 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-6 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-7 casper-feasts-on-uncut-dick-casper-ellis-8


Quentin Gainz & Jason

When we told Jason he’d be having his first experience with Quentin Gainz, Jason didn’t put up any hesitation.

Of course Quentin is always ready to go, being the laid-back, cool guy he is. Claude gives them the go ahead and the clothing comes off pretty quickly. Jason leans over and plants his lips around that big, thick piece of hard meat.

After some good bobbing, Quentin gets hungry for stiff cock himself, so he has Jason lean back and allow him to reciprocate. Jason’s cock is nice ‘n’ happy, just right for Quentin to work on, but it’s not long before Jason is craving more for himself…what a cock fiend! Haha, I think we have some good times ahead with Jason, joining him as he tries plenty of new things here at AD.

To even things out a bit, the boys get into a 69 position. Jason really seizes the opportunity and just goes to town on Quentin’s lucky dick. And of course, Quentin gets down to business as usual.

From there, Quentin stands up and really lets Jason indulge for a while. After getting mouthful after mouthful of Quentin’s chubby cock, the guys switch again and Quentin services his new pal for a while.

Once Quentin feels Jason is perfectly primed for the next step, he bends over a desk and lets Jason jam his erection deep into Quentin’s ass. These boys are just beautiful together and the shots of Jason’s hard dick penetrating Quentin’s tender hole are just incredible.

They move over to the bed and Jason continues enjoying Quentin’s ass. Claude gets some great shots of Jason from behind so we see his lean-but-strong butt pumping that cock in and out of Quentin.

Finally, Quentin goes to his back and takes the final round of Jason’s pounding. This one turned out so incredibly hot (as I could’ve predicted with Quentin) and to be just such a feel-good experience all around.


quentin-gainz-jason-1 quentin-gainz-jason-2 quentin-gainz-jason-3 quentin-gainz-jason-4 quentin-gainz-jason-5 quentin-gainz-jason-6 quentin-gainz-jason-7 quentin-gainz-jason-8 quentin-gainz-jason-9 quentin-gainz-jason-10 quentin-gainz-jason-11 quentin-gainz-jason-12 quentin-gainz-jason-13 quentin-gainz-jason-14 quentin-gainz-jason-15


Breaking in the Tub – Markie More & Lance Ford

As boyfriend Markie sleeps, Lance Ford draws a bath in the freshly renovated bathroom that has just been completed. This being the first weekend since it was finished, neither has gotten the chance to really unwind in the tub, so Lance has decided that instead of breakfast in bed, this weekend will kick off with a wet tryst. As Markie enters, he sees Lance sitting in the tub waiting. Walking over, the steam from the tub is nothing compared to the heat in Markie’s loins. He gives Lance a kiss and lowers himself into the water, kissing his way down Lance’s neck and chest, slowly pulling at the head of Lance’s cock with his lips, before taking it all in. Lance leans back against the tub as Markie tongues every inch of him, standing with his rock hard cock as Lance sits up to return the favor. Turning him around, Markie fingers Lance’s hole, eating him out before splashing his cock between Lance’s cheeks, slowly inching it deep inside of his lover.

Lance takes it slow and hard, then begs Markie to fuck him harder. Markie does as instructed, pounding Lance from behind, then sitting up to let Lance have his turn to control the flow. Lance rides Markie perfectly as he strokes himself, telling Markie he wants it harder. Markie leans him up against the vanity and finishes the task, fucking Lance until he sprays his seed and then pulling out to blast Lance with his load. Freshly shagged, they sink back into the tub to clean themselves off.


breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-1 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-2 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-3 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-4 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-5 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-6 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-7 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-8 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-9 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-10 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-11 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-12 breaking-in-the-tub-markie-more-lance-ford-13


I Need The Promotion – Alan Kennedy & Sasha Alexander

Sasha is relaxing in his office watching some porn when Alan comes walking in and sits down at his desk. Alan is trying to get Sasha’s attention as he is telling him why he deserves a promotion. All Sasha can hear is blah blah blah blah as he is more interested in the porn on his laptop. Alan turns the laptop around and sees what Sasha has been distracted by and understands it all now. Alan will do anything for this promotion so Sasha whips out his big long cock and Alan jumps right on it. Sasha feeds him his throbbing cock deep down his throat. Sasha tells Alan to bend over his desk and play with his ass while he watches stroking his throbbing dick. Sasha rolls the condom on and pushes his long hard cock balls deep into Alan fucking him hard over his desk. Sasha will give him a great promotion but not before fucking him in multiple positions and leaving him covered in both their cum. Enjoy!


i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-1 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-2 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-3 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-4 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-5 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-6 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-7 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-8 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-9 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-10 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-11 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-12


Caught You Watching – Johnny Torque & Brandon Rivers

With their fellow roomie busy out by the pool, Brandon Rivers steals away inside to go check on Johnny Torque, who has been gone for quite some time now. Passing by a cracked doorway, Brandon catches Johnny in the middle of a furious self-love session, but makes the mistake of bumping the door and Johnny looks up and sees him, giving chase as Brandon flees. Catching up to him on the sofa, he throws Brandon down and with his dick still out, puts it all up in Brandon’s face. To his astonishment, Brandon takes it willingly, opening his mouth and sucking on the tip, then downing it completely as Johnny feeds it to him. Brandon sucks Johnny off quietly so as not to alarm or bring any suspicion. Johnny trades off with Brandon and gives him head, licking his balls as he jerks Brandon off, and Brandon gets all the way turned on, asking Johnny if he’s ever had his ass eaten. Johnny shakes his head but bends over anyway as Brandon eats him out, tonguing Johnny deep as he realizes how much it turns him on. Ready to fuck, Johnny bends him over and pounds Brandon’s sweet ass from behind. Brandon takes it like a champ but tells Johnny he wants to be in control, so he mounts Johnny and proceeds to ride him good and proper. Johnny watches Brandon’s bubble butt bounce on his cock, giving it a nice smack as he watches his cock disappear inside Brandon. As they fuck, they hear the back door open and sprint to the bathroom. Fairly positive that they haven’t been caught, Brandon tells Johnny to fuck the cum out of him so Johnny pins him up against the sink and pounds him hard as Brandon strokes himself to orgasm. Covered in his own cum, Brandon tells Johnny to feed him his load, so he gets down on his knees as Johnny quenches his lustful thirst. Exhaling, they hear the door creak and catch their other roommate spying through the door. Seems what goes around cums around after all. Enjoy!


caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-1 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-2 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-3 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-4 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-5 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-6 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-7 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-8 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-9 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-10 caught-you-watching-johnny-torque-brandon-rivers-11