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Hung and uncut autofellatio with greedy boy Zack

I love some good autofellatio, especially when the guy sucking his own cock has a big and juicy uncut dick to gobble. Check out Zack Randall, one of the best self sucking boys in the world. He has an amazing thick and long uncut cock, meaty and delicious to watch as he wanks himself off and pulls on his foreskin. The sight of him licking the precum from his own glistening glans is amazing, but when he gets into position to suck that cock even deeper it’s even more hot to watch. The butt plug up his tight hole helps to increase the pleasure as he masturbates, but the it’s definitely all that autofellatio that really gets his cum pumping. And what an amazing load he spews from his cock too, jets of hot milky semen erupting from his shaft and splashing all over his handsome face.



Leigh: self-facial

Leigh is a 21 y/o skater dude who’d been thinking about doing porn to make some extra money. One of his buddies convinced him to take the leap which is when he got in touch with me.

It took a few weeks until we were finally able to meet up; just to talk, or at least that’s what I thought at first. That’s when Leigh, out of the blue, mentioned he could suck himself off. And then cameras came out.

Leigh was fairly nervous about being on camera for the first time and seemed almost embarrassed about his special talent. That was until I reassured him that half of the male population wished they could do it!

Once he got hard, Leigh folded himself over and went at it. Not just licking the tip, but swallowing his cock halfway down the shaft, occasionally getting his balls in, too.

Leigh said that he finishes himself off by sucking his dick about 50% of the time when he masturbates. He’d never given himself a facial, though, usually just shooting into his mouth. With a little persuasion, he sucked himself right up to the edge and blew a massive load all over his face. And, to my surprise, kept on sucking to get the last few drops in his mouth.


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