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Bareback military threesome with Quentin Gainz, Princeton Price and Ryan Jordan

This is definitely the kind of video you want to download and keep if you’re a fan of bareback military threesome porn, and who the hell isn’t? We have three of the hottest former straight guys getting their cocks out together for this one, with Quentin Gainz and Princeton Price sharing their mouths, cocks and butt holes with gorgeous Ryan Jordan! The three enjoy an awesome session of cock sucking, rimming and jerking before Quentin and Princeton both get fed and fucked, with raw cock in both ends, leading to a shower of semen all over the bed by the final moments!



Ivan James & Ryan Jordan

Here we have Ivan James and Ryan Jordan, two solid recruits that have each proven themselves two loyal and strong members of the squadron. If you’re having Deja vu right now, it’s because these two HAVE hooked up before! That’s right, we had the lucky pleasure of watching Ryan fuck Ivan a while back.

Being the typical eager beaver he always is, Ivan jumps on Ryan’s hard dick first. Claude moves in tight to remind us how great Ivan’s mouth looks slurping a stiff meat pole like Ryan’s.

Ryan stands up so Ivan can continue sucking that tasty cock. Claude gets underneath and we get a great look at Ryan’s gorgeous balls while Ivan goes to town on that erection.

Watching Ivan enjoy that fat cock makes Ryan hungry for some dick himself, so Ivan lays back down on the bed and let’s Ryan get a nice mouthful.

And then it’s time for Ryan to take his medicine like a good soldier. He bends over the bed and Ivan slides his massive dong into that tight, tender hole.

Ryan ends up putting one leg on the floor in a way that gives Ivan better access to his ass. Ivan sure takes advantage, cranking up the intensity even more, reminding Ryan he should be careful what he asks for.

Then Ryan goes to his back and Ivan continues railing him.

This hook up brought back some great memories from the last time these guys came together. That wasn’t too long ago, but it sure does make you realize how time flies by.


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