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Bareback bodybuilder top dude Brock fucks Joe

Brock is one of those big and handsome hunks that I’m both turned on by and scared by at the same time. I’m not gonna lie, I love seeing big powerful hunks like him jabbing their cock into another dude, but if a guy like him came on to me I would be such a fucking pussy about it. Joe is the lucky boy getting that throbbing bareback bodybuilder cock up his ass for this new video, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Enjoy some pics but for fucks sake click through and watch the trailer at least!



Curious straight bodybuilder Milan squirts a load out for the guys in his debut

I get the feeling Milan is going to be one to watch. He’s just arrived to show off his solo stroking moves in a jerk off video, but the curious straight bodybuilder is already talking about being down to explore new things.

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He admits that he has a thing for checking out other guys, especially big guys at the gym. I guess he’s one of those curious straight bodybuilders who has an unexplored appreciation for other muscle guys, and likely their cocks, too.

After seeing him handling that dick and shooting off a great load in the final moments I have no doubt we’re going to be seeing more of him, I can’t wait to see his reaction when he comes back and gets the chance to play with another hard cock.



Straight guys together for a jerk off session!

Sometimes the innocent cock play sessions are hot enough to get me cumming, and this would be one of those times. Carson Carver is the horny straight guy on the right who was planning to deliver a jerk off solo, but then he found out they had some toys for him to use and he decided to call up his best buddy Haigan Sence to come and have some fun too!

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His handsome friend isn’t shy, when he gets an offer like that from a buddy he’s there in no time at all, ready to put some porn on and haul out his long jock cock for a good session of friendly cum pumping.

The guys have a great time, with Carson even leaning over to drip some lube on the head of his friend’s cock! The guys slide their wet dicks in and out of those toys having a great time with their boners before they’re finally ready to start pumping their cream from their dicks.


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Hung muscle man wanking – uncut hunk Nick shoots his load

It’s been a while since I went to a strip club, but after seeing Nick enjoying his big uncut cock in this awesome solo stroke session I think it might be time to get back out there and have some fun! He’s a big guy, with a big cock, and he’s willing to invite you back to the private area where his big throbbing meat comes out of his jeans and he shows off how he likes to empty that thing. The hung muscle man has a whole lot of hooded cock to play with in this solo, and some hot jizz to splash out with you by the end!



Gym jock cock stroking with new dude Curtis

Holy fuck, would you look at the new straight guy they’ve got over on the Spunk Worthy site! His name is Curtis and he’s a 22-year-old CrossFit coach who helps other people reach their goals in the gym, and I think we would all love to be under his guidance. He’s straight, but he’s not shy. He’s been in some kinky action that was all about spanking, but now he’s back to get that cock hard and stroke out some cum for the boys in his debut solo for this site and we can’t wait to see more of him. He’s been holding back for a couple of days, building up to this, and he delivers a hot solo for the guys and finishes off with a mess of hot jock cum over his abs. Will we see him back to get a massage and hand job like so many of their other straight guys? I’m hoping so, and I think we’ll probably be enjoying that in the next couple of weeks.