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Gay muscle worship jack off with hung and uncut jock Zack

Zack is a proud man, and he’s got a lot to be proud of too. He’s a hung and uncut hunk who you just know gets a lot of attention in the gym showers as all the other guys check him out in amazement. He’s getting some hot gay muscle worship in this horny video, revealing his long and hooded cock, wanking himself off, letting another dude grope his massive meat and then kicking back to stroke out his splashing cum load all over his abs. He might have a girlfriend, but he’s not the kind of guy to turn down a little friendly stroking from another dude!



Lifeguard Cums To Your Rescue – Joshua Armstrong

British muscle man Joshua Armstrong is playing the part of the horny lifeguard who never misses an opportunity to get his raging cock out for a wank. Watch and listen as the massive man gets verbal while he performs, flexing his incredible muscles, revealing his rock solid cock, stroking himself off and spewing a fountain of hot muscle man cum from his swollen red helmet!


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Muscle Cop – Joshua Armstrong

I’m just finishing my patrol, I notice you pass me by in the street a few times so I decide to follow up and check on your strange behaviour with a knock on your door, and asking to speak to you in your living room.

I ask you why you kept walking past me and looking at me? I’m sure it wasn’t at my face, but at my body?

So you like big guys in uniform? Is that your fetish. I bet you’re wondering what i’m packing under this outfit.

Lucky for you, I’ve just finished my shift and i’m now off duty. I’ll show you what the outcome of all this working out gets you, I’ll show you what a real muscle cop looks like.

You’ll see how I can handle tough guys like you, they have no chance of overpowering me.

I pour oil down my naked hard body, and I just see you shaking with excitement. Knowing what’s coming next.

After tremendous amounts of showing off, pouring effort into my flexing I just get aggressive, horny and the alpha male inside me can’t help but decide you need to be punished by my very own muscle cock.



Wank On My Lycra Biceps – Joshua Armstrong

Been a while hasn’t it? After you got in touch on my social media and told me you were passing I had to invite you remember, what was it, high school?

Our bodies were so little back then, but look at mine now.

Look how sexy my abs have got, how hot my nipples have got.

Did you like me back then? I liked you back in school but I didn’t have the balls to say what I thought!

Now i’m a massive fucking muscle alpha hunk I say whatever I want to who I want, when I want! And right now i’m telling you I want you.

I remember you had a thing for muscle worship even back then, so please explore my body, I’m in the tightest lycra I own, feed my biceps attention and lets see how it pans out.

I have you caress my biceps through and underneath my lycra top, I explode with most muscular and I grant all your special requests.

Even your most special request of all, you want to fuck my biceps – this is the deal, i’ll let you fuck my biceps if you suck my dick!



Strip Poker – Joshua Armstrong

We haven’t seen each other in fucking ages! I thought i’d invite you round because I really wanted to see you. I’ve even worn my sexiest T-shirt for you.

I know you love happy smiley josh, and that’s exactly the josh you’ve come round to see! I thought you could come round and we could play a game? I thought we could do something a bit different..

It begins as poker but ends up as strip poker 😉

You win the first, I win the second, it goes on but it soon escalates, soon gets heated.

I remember (and you remind me) of how much you used to love a muscly guy in school, and sod’s law has it i’m now a muscle god so it would be rude not to have a bit of muscle worship go down as we strip?

One thing leads to another and before I know it I’m begging you to suck my cock and take my hot load, I knew it was your plan all along 😉