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Hot Fiction with singlet spooGe

We’ve never posted fiction here before but we were invited to read some of what they do on the BuddyBate Patreon and we’re happy to give you a look at their latest story. You should head over there and check it out.

Jared launched himself at me without warning, springing forward and knocking me back. Instinctively I flipped and tried to rise up, pushing with all my strength as his thick legs dangled each side of mine and swung around to hug me. He fell, the thump of his large back slamming against the mat echoed around the dimly lit gym, his powerful forearm around my neck hugging me close to him. Once again I could feel the shape of his manhood against me, his length arching across my buttocks while I lay on him and stared up to the single circle of white bathing us in what almost seemed like a spotlight.

There were no rules now, I knew it for certain when his hand reached down and grabbed the shape of my dick under the tight material, groping my cock and balls hard and squeezing the collected mass. I knew Jared could be confrontational like that, getting a surprise dick slap while I was carrying something was pretty common, but as he growled in my ear “you like that, bitch?” I knew it was on.

Once again his thick forearm was under my chin, the dark hairs where his Fitbit tan line left a pale ring tickled me. His other hand reached down in a fluid movement, grabbing the loose material as my left leg struggled to breach his controlling grip. He tugged, hard, probably trying to give me a wedgie but the only thing he succeeded in doing was to release the length of my pink cock from the leg hole of my singlet, the material bunching up painfully to the right of my cock and balls.

My penis swung out hard and glistening, the veins along the shaft angry and bulging, it was like my cock belonged to the Hulk, the head swelling bigger than I could ever remember it being as the blood flow was tightly restricted and the prison my legs were in made my taint pulsate.

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Muscle man Damien Stone surprises straight neighbor Blaze Burton and fucks his ass!

Just when you thought gay porn couldn’t be more ridiculous, a video like this one arrives. Huge muscle man Damien Stone has been desperately trying to get the attention of his handsome and hunky straight neighbor Blaze Burton but nothing seems to be working, so he hatches the ingenious plan to hide in a box and deliver himself. Yep, you read that right. Just ignore the fact that Blaze somehow manages to lift this bodybuilder into his apartment, and ignore the fact that Blaze then decides to jerk off watching porn while the big unknown package is just sitting there… Ultimately Damien reveals himself, his hard uncut cock ready to fuck that hairy ass, and the surprised straight man gives it up!



Dante Colle fucks Casey Jacks bareback in Ass Controller Part 9

It’s Ass Controller Part 9, with newsman Casey Jacks getting a surprise from his coworker and fuck buddy Dante Colle when the guy shoves a toy up his ass to control the pleasure during a broadcast. The acting might be over the top and ridiculous, but it’s an interesting way to get into the action. When Casey finally gets that toy out of his ass and a little relief from the extreme anal pleasure it’s soon replaced by the hard and raw cock of his buddy Dante who fucks him right there in the studio!



Who’s Fucking Me – Luke Ward & Dick Chayne

Luke Ward discovers Dick Chayne (aka Dick Casey) tied up and hooded in the old barn, and of course he can’t pass up the chance to fuck some ass and shoot some big cum squirts! He’s soon tugging down those jeans and sinking his hard and naked uncut European muscle cock into that sweet hole! When Dick finds out who it is inside him he seems okay with it, sucking on that hard dick and getting his own meat gobbled by the stud too! The cum shots shared at the end are immense!



Private Lessons Part 1 – Jimmy Durano & Jacob Peterson

Jimmy Durano has some special Yoga moves to teach his new client Jacob Peterson, and involves a whole lot of hard uncut cock being shared! Watch as the handsome and hairy jock experiences the best Yoga lesson of his life as Jimmy feeds him his tasty shaft, then sucks on the guys gorgeous pink uncut meat, rims out his hole then stuffs it with his boner! Needless to say, plenty of cum gets spilled by the end of it all.


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