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Celebrity Massage – James Huntsman & Griffin Barrows

As a massage therapist, Griffin Barrows sees a lot of different bodies, but as he works his trade on James Huntsman’s back, he can’t help but marvel at the specimen before him. James’ ripped back and arms are holding more than their fair share of tension, and as Griffin kneads and prods, he feels James begin to loosen up.

James admits to Griffin that he’s in need of some serious release, and Griffin affirms that assessment when he flips James over and begins working on his chest. James is carrying tension in his arms, his pecs, and his thighs, but Griffin senses that where James is in most need of attention is between his legs, so he wraps his fingers around the shaft of James’ meaty cock and gives it a squeeze. James asks him if this treatment will cost him extra, and Griffin winks, telling him it’s a first timer’s discount, before plunging down full bore on James’ cock, sucking at the head and working his way down to the base.

Griffin deep throats as James closes his eyes and enjoys it, but when Griffin turns him back over and begins to eat his ass, James realizes he’s in for a completely unexpected surprise. Flipping him back over, Griffin strokes James’ cock a bit more before mounting it, slowly lowering himself onto James’ dick. James gives his ass a smack and Griffin rides him like a cowboy, grinding on James’ cock as he plays with his taint. James, fully piqued, takes the situation under control and bends Griffin over his table, pounding him from behind as Griffin smiles with every thrust. He twists back onto his back and begins to work himself off as James fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and launching his pent up load all over Griffin’s sweat drenched body. Slapping his cock against Griffin’s taint, James doubles down on his promise to come back soon.



Brandon & Kristian: Bareback

Talk about chemistry! These two really had something going on. Broderick couldn’t keep his hands off of Manny, and Manny kept begging for cock!
After working out earlier that day, Broderick had some tension all over, and Manny was there to relieve that tension…in more ways than one.
Broderick took control and used Manny’s hole…clearly, he was doing a good job, seeing as how Manny’s dick couldn’t stop dripping precum while getting fucked hard!
With every “Give it to me!”, “Fuck me harder!” and “Use me!”, Broderick pumped harder until both blew their loads all over the place!


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Bryan & Kodi Serviced

After Kodi had come in earlier in the week to do his solo, I knew I wanted to get him back to do a massage themed video. He was only going to be in Austin a short while.

It was a holiday weekend, and neither of us had much going on, so we setup a last-minute morning shoot on a Sunday. I just set the cameras up, and pretty much shot a video in 25 minutes.

Sorry for the lack on HiRes images. Kodi was really turned-on and a couple times I needed to slow down to stop him from cumming too soon. He actually came before I could stop and take some nice still images. Ooops!

There is a lot of chemistry, kissing and despite wanting to try to keep to a staged video format, you can tell that things escalated quickly! Camera angles get a little off as we paid more attention to each other rather than where the cameras were aimed.

Kodi was only in town for a week, but I really liked his energy, and will do my best to get him back so we can see him properly fucked!

UPDATE: Kodi did a whole lot more after being serviced by a guy, scroll down to the bottom to see.


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