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Twink hand job in a massage, Otto hubert loves it

It’s been a while since I had a proper happy ending massage, but after seeing new boy Otto Hubert getting a good cock milking in this new video I think I need to seek out a similar service! The boy is soon up on his knees, a toy in his hole and his uncut cock throbbing in a slippery fist as he gets his cum stroked out of him in an awesome massage session. Damn, I need this in my life!

Click to check out the video.

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Otto is just the latest guy to get a good massage. Click here to see plenty of straight guys being milked too.

Straight jock Matteo Romano gets a hand job from a guy

Italian jock Matteo Romano had a good time showing off his uncut cock and shooting off some splashing cream in his solo, now he’s back to get his cock stroked by another guy for the first time! Joel Jenkins is the straight guy grabbing that cock and wanking him off, treating the new model to an awesome hand job and helping him get that hot cream gushing out over his abs!



Muscle guy hand job for Noah Miller

This might be considered a bonus video, but it’s full on and more than 30-minutes long. This is the first time muscle man Noah Miller has let another guy wank his 8-inch cock for him, but former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst is a dab hand at making other straight guys cum. And boy, does Noah cum! We knew before this muscle guy hand job session that Noah is capable of blasting out a massive mess of cock juice after a good long jerk off, but the load he shoots after being stroked and played with by Tyler is immense. Trust me, you’re gonna want to see this video, be ready to shoot off a big mess with Noah!



Straight guy serviced by a dude for the first time, Kent loves it

Former Marine Kent submitted to a happy ending massage a year ago, but we hadn’t seen him since. He seemed pretty adamant that he would never let another guy suck his cock, but obviously something has changed in that time. It’s about money, of course. He needed some extra cash and came back to let another man lick and slurp his dick for him, but after seeing the straight guy serviced for the first time I think he’d probably gonna be looking to get that load sucked out by a guy again soon!



Two straight guy cocks need emptying! Joel Jenkins gives Thomas Parks a hand job

I can’t hardly believe how far straight guy Joel Jenkins has come since he was nervously wanking his load out with another guy for the first time. He was so reluctant to do anything with another lad, and now look at him grabbing that cock and wanking off straight footballer jock Thomas Parks.

This is one of their bonus videos, but it’s 33 minutes long so I don’t know if can really be called a bonus shoot.


Handsome jock footballer Thomas is getting a massage from Joel in this one, getting his floppy uncut cock played with until he solid and wet with lube and precum, then Joel is getting his big uncut cock out and showing off his erection for his new straight friend to admire.

Thomas seems to like the look of it, but for now it’s all about Joel wanking him off, the two straight guy cocks throbbing and being stroked, finishing up with them both splashing hot milky cream out over themselves.

It’s fucking hot to watch, mainly because you can see how much Joel loves the feel of that dick in his hand, and how much Thomas clearly wants to reach out and wank off his new buddy.


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