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BULLFIGHTER – Jessy Ares & Denis Vega

Denis Vega returns to MENATPLAY this week! However, this time, he also takes over the director’s chair for a special feature. Denis reprises his role as the famous bullfighter Manuel Vega, but despite being a national sex symbol, Manuel hides a secret.

And everyone wants to know what that secret is, including celebrity reporter Jessy Ares – and weakened by the handsome interviewer’s aura Manuel gives him exactly what he wants.

Jessy strips the matador from his sexy costume like he’s stripping away his cover, and the usually domineering xxx becomes the sub in a deep ass-pounding that has his moaning with pleasure. And free from all pretence Vega finally gets to see what hard and passionate man-on-man sex really feels like.

Oh and BTW no bulls (or men) were hurt in the making of this scene.


bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-1 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-2 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-3 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-4 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-5 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-6 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-7 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-8 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-9 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-10 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-11 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-12 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-13 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-14 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-15 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-16 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-17 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-18 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-19


Maskurbate Tony

Guy next door Tony ended up being a lot more exhibitionist than expected. He showed up really horny and made sure I noticed his incredible shape. He wanted to wear the mask because it looked cool on him, not to hide his identity. He’s really at ease with his decision to show his body in public. And with a body like his, who wouldn’t! So let’s enjoy Tony’s debut, another great addition on Maskurbate!


Maskurbate Tony 1 Maskurbate Tony 2 Maskurbate Tony 3 Maskurbate Tony 4 Maskurbate Tony 5 Maskurbate Tony 6 Maskurbate Tony 7 Maskurbate Tony 8 Maskurbate Tony 9 Maskurbate Tony 10 Maskurbate Tony 11


Topher Dimaggio Fucks Ricky Roman!

Topher Dimaggio has been away from Cockyboys for a while and he couldn’t wait to get back and drill his best buddy Ricky Roman. These two have known each other for a few years now and like to get fuck both on and off camera. Today they met up near the lake to take their desires to the next level.

They start off talking about how long they’ve known each other and how much they just get along. It’s clear from the start that Topher and Ricky have a natural relaxed chemistry and before you know they’re making out and groping at each others shorts. Topher starts the action by sucking Ricky’s rock hard cock. Ricky’s a little worried someone is going to spot them in their spot by the lake and keeps checking around to make sure they’re safe. But Topher’s expert mouth makes him forget his worries and he sits back and enjoys the feeling as his buddy sucks his cock. Ricky gets on his knees and swallows Topher’s enormous cock all the way to the balls. Topher takes control and pumps his hips as he fucks his buddy’s face with confidence. Ricky doesn’t hold anything back and before you know it Topher is leaning back in pure ecstasy as Ricky works on his beautiful pecker.

Topher flips Ricky around and rims his buddy before realizing they’re a little too exposed in their current position so they gather up their clothes and head deeper into the forest. As soon as they get to the clearing Topher bends Ricky over a tree stump and slides his cock into Ricky’s ass with one confident stroke. Ricky just looks back as his ass is filled with his buddy’s cock and the pleasure plows through his body. They switch positions and Ricky climbs on top of Topher’s rock hard dick. Bouncing up and down on that rod while he looks directly into his buddy’s eyes. The two move over to the grass and fuck doggy style while a chorus of crickets chirp their appreciation.

Topher pounds Ricky’s ass relentlessly until Ricky can’t take it anymore and announces he’s going to cum. He sits up with Topher’s cock still pounding his ass and shoots a huge load of cum all over the grass. Grunting and panting as Topher’s cock continues to provide the sublime pleasure that pushed him over the edge. Topher is ready to go so he pulls out just in time to blast Ricky’s back with another gigantic load of jizz. They kiss each other sweetly on the lips as Topher tells Ricky, “I miss that…” and the two collapse on the forest floor.


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Straight Lads Fucking – Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh!

This is a second shoot where hunky former Royal Marine Tyler gets treated to a blow job from straight blond pup Josh and then sticks it in Josh’s ass and fucks him roughly! The fucking is real energetic and Josh enjoys getting a right good fucking and looking at how much he cums I think Tyler’s cock hit the right spot!


Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 1 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 2 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 3 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 4 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 5 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 7 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 8 Straight Lads Fucking - Former Royal Marine Commando Tyler fucks Josh 9


Alex Andrews Takes Mason Cox – Hung Cock!

Mason Cox is one of those dudes who really has an impressive cock. He loves to use that thing and destroy some tight ass, and the hot and horny cock sucker Alex Andrews is definitely up to the challenge of taking that thing in his sweet tight hole! He sucks on that big dick first, with his own uncut cock throbbing as he tastes the precum from his top. But then it’s time to take those inches deep in his chute, and Alex really gets a hard ass fucking too!

Images courtesy of Extra Big Dicks

Alex Andrews Takes Mason Cox - Hung Cock!Images courtesy of Extra Big Dicks