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Gay bottom rides a huge cock – JJ Knight fucks Beaux Banks

Poor JJ Knight is in an unhappy marriage where he’s not getting the action he needs. Thankfully, he has a greedy gay bottom for a neighbor and Beaux Banks is more than happy to stop by every morning to suck on that huge cock, feed JJ his delicious boner and give up that tight little bubble butt for a stuffing!



Wild Weekend Part 2 – JJ Knight & Wesley Woods

JJ Knight and Wesley Woods make out on a wooden deck with a sweeping view of the Russian River wilderness. Peeling off their clothes, they run their hands over each other’s ripped, muscular bodies. JJ sinks to his knees and expertly services Wesley’s throbbing boner, licking the sensitive tip with his tongue and swallowing the entire humongous shaft all the way down his throat. JJ grips Wesley’s cock and strokes while sucking on Wesley’s sensitive cock head. Returning the favor, Wesley starts working over JJ’s massive member. It’s so huge that Wesley can wrap both hands around the shaft and still have plenty of length to suck on with his mouth. Spit drips as Wesley struggles to get every last inch of JJ’s dick. The intense oral worship gets JJ ready to blow, and he shoots a huge wad that spurts upwards and splashes across Wesley’s face. Cum drips from Wesley’s lips as he slurps the last drops from JJ’s incredible cock. Standing up, Wesley milks his own load out of his cock and splatters JJ’s muscular chest. They press their lips together one more time, enjoying the taste and smell of sweat, spit, and cum.


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Wild Weekend Part 1 – Josh Conners & JJ Knight

At the gay bar near their Russian River vacation house, JJ Knight and Wesley Woods are gossiping about their friends’ hookups. So far JJ hasn’t gotten any action during the weekend, but as Wesley reminds him, ‘The night’s still young!’ After taking a piss, JJ exits the bathroom and finds Josh Conners cruising the hallway. They lock eyes and retreat to a dark corner, where Josh slips off JJ’s shorts and inhales his massive boner. Eager to explore Josh’s ass, JJ bends him over, spreads his cheeks, and dives face-first into Josh’s eager hole. After an intense tongue-fucking session, JJ stands up and thrusts his massive cock in doggy style, using a bit of spit for lube. Josh’s sexy bubble butt ripples with every impact of JJ’s energetic fucking. Flipping over to missionary position, Josh jerks his cock as JJ pounds relentlessly. As they approach orgasm, Josh kneels on the floor, making himself the target for JJ’s load. With massive spurts, JJ launches his cum and coats Josh’s neck with drippy semen. The epic cumshot sends Josh over the edge, and he splashes his load onto the floor of the bar. After trading their final kisses, JJ makes his way back to hang out with his friends. ‘You smell like sex!’ exclaims Wesley boozily. JJ notices his cousin, Brute, hanging off of Ryan Rose, who was JJ’s best friend and roommate in college. JJ asks Wesley, ‘What’s up with them?’ ‘While we were asleep earlier, they fucked!’ slurs Wesley. ‘Can you believe that?’ JJ doesn’t take the news well; he slams his beer down and storms out, leaving his best friends stranded at the bar!


wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-1 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-2 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-3 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-4 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-5 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-6 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-7 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-8 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-9 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-10 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-11 wild-weekend-part-1-josh-conners-jj-knight-12


On The Market – Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight

Eager assistant Tegan Zayne is in the office trying to figure out how to complete a short sale, JJ Knight comes over to help him resolve the tricky issue. When they solve that problem, they move on to a harder challenge for Tegan: servicing JJ’s massive, throbbing cock, but Tegan is up for the task. Undoing his fly, JJ unleashes his enormous slab of meat, and Tegan stretches his mouth around its incredible girth. Tegan tongues the giant head and uses his hands to stroke the hefty shaft. JJ’s heavy balls hang low and swing back and forth as he fucks Tegan’s scruffy face. Pulling down his pants, Tegan exposes his exceptionally furry ass for JJ to rim. With great enthusiasm, JJ dives in tongue first, lubing Tegan’s hole with plenty of spit. Leaning back in his chair, JJ invites Tegan to sit down on his thick fuck stick. Tegan’s own cock bounces in the air as he rides JJ’s tool. Laying back on the office desk, Tegan gets pummeled missionary style, and JJ ramps up the power of his thrusting. With so many inches inside him, Tegan gets closer and closer to the edge. Jerking his cock in time with JJ’s thrusting, Tegan explodes with a spurting cum fountain, blasting semen high in the air and raining globs of cum down on his torso. Almost instantly, JJ blows his load, squirting a geyser across Tegan’s body and landing on the shoulder of his blue dress shirt.


On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 1 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 2 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 3 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 4 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 5 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 6 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 7 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 8 On The Market - Tegan Zayne & JJ Knight 9