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Muscle wank with Joshua Armstrong – Muscle Control

I show off my amazing muscle control, I bounce my pecs, glutes, biceps and everything else your muscle fantasies desire.

Both individually and at the same time I have complete control over my giant physique, the slabs of muscle that lay on my bone are an extension of my self, and thus I can control them, and ultimately control you.

You will be hypnotised into my god like muscle as I command it to do my bidding..

After showing the power I can generate while being in control, i’m left hard and needing to show you my other skill.. My cum control


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My Dad’s Best Friend

Austin is relaxing by the pool listening to music and taking in all the sun on a beautiful summer day. What he doesn’t know is that Wesley is knocking on his front door but he can’t hear a thing. Wesley checks all the windows and still doesn’t see anyone so he heads to the backyard and sees Austin laid out. He calls out Austin’s name a few times but he can’t hear a thing because of the headphones wrapped around his ears. Wesley shakes Austin which scares him a little bit but then he recognizes Wesley. Wesley is Austin’s Dad’s best friend and he’s known Austin for 12 years as well. Austin informs Wesley that his Dad is not home and then he begins to rub Wesley’s leg which turns him on and they both begin to kiss. Wesley has wanted to fuck Austin for many years now and he finally has the chance. Austin starts to service that big dick in the summer heat spitting and licking his way up and down Wesley’s big thick shaft. Wesley than spreads Austin’s legs far and wide so he can now blow that sexy young cock while using his fingers to bang that young ass. Austin is moaning and groaning every time those fingers go in and out of his ass all the while Wesley sucking his cock something fierce. The sweat is kicking in from the heat so they take the action in to the house where Wesley lubes that young ass up with his wet eager tongue. Once Austin’s ass is wet and ready Wesley gives his cock to the young buck deep and hard. Austin ends up riding him amazingly working his hips in perfection until Wesley flips him onto his knees and fucks the cum out of him. Austin is still begging for it so Wesley strokes his dick until his load splashes all over Austin’s face. Enjoy!

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Relieving Work Place Tension Part 2

Dek and Hunter are on break but it’s not your usual break they are on. They both have been so horny at work that they pulled out their dicks and are stroking them. The boss isn’t around and they really hope they don’t get caught. It’s a slow day on the job and what a better way to past time than play with your dick. They want to see who has the biggest load but just before that Matt comes walking in with his dick out but Matt’s the boss and Dek and Hunter didn’t expect him to show up let alone with his dick out already stroking as well. They all join in for some steamy three way action swapping sucks and eating ass until boos man Matt is ready to fuck both there asses. Matt bangs Hunter’s tight ass first than moves to Dek’s smooth buttery bottom and doesn’t finish until he gets his entire nut completely out. Enjoy!

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Straight Hunk Patrick O’Brian Jerks Off And Plays With His Virgin Ass!

I have to confess that I am a real fan of this straight hunk over on the English lads site. We’ve watched this gorgeous British guy go from wanking himself off to having his cock stroked for him, getting his thick cut dick swallowed by a guy and even sliding his thick fuck stick into another guys ass!

But this one has to be one of my favorite videos starring Patrick O’Brian. The guy is enjoying some alone time on the bed in front of the camera, working his thick and bulbous cock for the fans after enjoying a hot shower. But he goes further than he’s ever been when he’s given some anal toys to play with!

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Check it out as explores the sensation of something sliding into his hairy virgin fuck hole, wanking his thick dick and fucking himself in the butt as he feels the cum load rising!

This dude is one seriously hot performer, and seeing him come back to get his dick sucked and slide that meaty cock into another guys ass has really had me wanking out plenty of hot cum since this one. Check it out if you’re a member of the English Lads site already!

Images courtesy of English Lads

Patrick O'Brian Fucks His Ass With Toys

Images courtesy of English Lads