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Young Blond Pup Justin shows how to Cum Bucket Loads – 3 Times!

Justin has proved himself already as a stunning looking guy – tall, bronzed, blond, muscular – absolutely ripped – and to beat it all an uncut dick which just doesn’t seem to go soft! He looks amazing stripping down to his white undies – and as he pulls them off his uncut cock bounces to attention – he’s starts playing with himself and showing off his amazing cock, and he slowly brings himself to orgasm, balls going tight and unloading a massive load all over himself! Then he’s at it again, wanking away, dick rock solid until he unloads another big cumshot, and he’s not done yet! This guy is made for porn, his cock, solid again performs once more, shooting another splashy load over himself. So hot.

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Biker Buddies – Joshua Armstrong

After months of asking you finally come out with me on a sunday motorbike ride, both of us fully kitted up in our leathers.

It’s so nice to take the leathers off in the blistering heat, I’ve took us round to a very quiet area, back where I’m from. I know this place doesn’t get many visitors.

I love it when you look at me the way you do, that special way.

Now it’s time for a relax, when I relax in the middle of the ride, I at least go topless.

You love seeing me glisten with a little bit of sweat in the glorious sun shine, I ask if we can just chill together.

And WOW, you start to dress down as I do, I can see you’re bulging in your pants, is that something to do with the way i’m looking right now?

Everything gets naughty, fast. You start playing with your big fat cock and I love it, all I want to do is put my leather biker glove back on and wank you off with it.

You’re so big down there, you’re making me horny, mind if I play with it?

Fuck it, all in or nothing. All my clothes come off apart from the leather glove that I use to stroke both our cocks!

Oh fuck, oh fuck. The orgasm we have is intense!



Muscle jock cock stroking with new guy Dallas

Dallas is a brand new guy to gay porn, but after showing off his amazing muscled body, that handsome face, and his thick throbbing cock, we’re expecting to see him sharing that dick with one of the other guys pretty soon.

He has an amazing cock, smooth and pink, constantly leaking precum as he plays with his length and strokes himself for the guys to watch, taking himself to a big hot cum load at the end of it.

Enjoy some pics and click through for the video!



Muscle Cop – Joshua Armstrong

I’m just finishing my patrol, I notice you pass me by in the street a few times so I decide to follow up and check on your strange behaviour with a knock on your door, and asking to speak to you in your living room.

I ask you why you kept walking past me and looking at me? I’m sure it wasn’t at my face, but at my body?

So you like big guys in uniform? Is that your fetish. I bet you’re wondering what i’m packing under this outfit.

Lucky for you, I’ve just finished my shift and i’m now off duty. I’ll show you what the outcome of all this working out gets you, I’ll show you what a real muscle cop looks like.

You’ll see how I can handle tough guys like you, they have no chance of overpowering me.

I pour oil down my naked hard body, and I just see you shaking with excitement. Knowing what’s coming next.

After tremendous amounts of showing off, pouring effort into my flexing I just get aggressive, horny and the alpha male inside me can’t help but decide you need to be punished by my very own muscle cock.