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Rubbing straight guy cock with new dude Jaxon North

Check out the latest new arrival to one of the best sites for horny straight guys enjoying their dicks. His name is Jaxon North and he’s a handsome and ripped straight British jock with a thick straight guy cock and a load of cum in his balls ready to be splashed out. He’s confident, horny and loves showing off for an audience, playing with his foreskin, showing off his virgin ass, wanking his meaty throbbing tool and finally splashing his hot cum all the way up to his chin! He really gets off on being on display like this, so make sure you go and watch his video and maybe he’ll come back to try wanking another guy’s dick for the first time. You know they do that a lot there, right?



Smooth jock wanking – Saul gets his dick out for some fun

Check out new dude Saul, he’s the sexy new smooth jock wanking his cock on video for the first time and seemingly promising to deliver more. He’s an open-minded and curious guy who seems to be pretty interested in having a lot more fun with guys after this debut, but something tells me he’s already been having a whole lot of dick fun with other dudes already. He has a pretty big cock too, and apparently it was his football buddies in the locker room when he was younger who commented on his big dick. I know I’m not the only one who wants to hear more about that, right?



Gym jock cock stroking with new dude Curtis

Holy fuck, would you look at the new straight guy they’ve got over on the Spunk Worthy site! His name is Curtis and he’s a 22-year-old CrossFit coach who helps other people reach their goals in the gym, and I think we would all love to be under his guidance. He’s straight, but he’s not shy. He’s been in some kinky action that was all about spanking, but now he’s back to get that cock hard and stroke out some cum for the boys in his debut solo for this site and we can’t wait to see more of him. He’s been holding back for a couple of days, building up to this, and he delivers a hot solo for the guys and finishes off with a mess of hot jock cum over his abs. Will we see him back to get a massage and hand job like so many of their other straight guys? I’m hoping so, and I think we’ll probably be enjoying that in the next couple of weeks.



Uncut tradie cock – straight lad Freddy Schols wanks his cum out

Who doesn’t love seeing some uncut tradie cock being wanked and splashing out a hot load?

Check out new arrival Freddy Schols, a guy who has the attitude and horniness we all love to see in a straight guy.

He’s a builder, plays football, and likes working out, and he admits that he’s always playing with his long and slim uncut cock when he’s at work.

Something tells me we’re gonna be seeing him getting his dick out with some of the other straight lads on the site. He’s got that vibe to him, like he’s the kind of straight lad who wouldn’t think twice about kicking back with a buddy and watching porn, rubbing their cocks and watching each other shoot off some cum.

He gets a good load splashing from his dick in his debut solo shoot and we can’t wait to see more of him after this. Will he be frotting and wanking another lad’s dick soon, like so many of their other straight lads end up doing? I think so, and I think he’s gonna be down for whatever as long as it feels good.



Straight muscle jock tries anal play, and likes it

The first time we saw Conall Timpson a little while ago he was showing off his big muscled body and long uncut cock and wanking out his cum for the lads. I think we all hoped we would see him back for more, but I don’t know if any of us expected to see him fucking his ass with a toy while wanking his big uncut dick! Check him out easing that long toy in deep, enjoying the new sensation, stroking his big uncut meat and splashing his hot cum out over his abs and hand! I think we’re probably gonna see him wanking and frotting with one of the other lads on the site soon, like they do, and I can’t wait for that!