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Last Summer in Greece 11 Final Episode – Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen

Our last scene in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ is a bit of an extra to the storyline and features 2 of our newer guys, Peter Annaud and Orri Aasen.
We open with a depiction of perfect bucolic Sunday afternoon: Naked boys lounging around the pool, being nothing other than themselves when Luke comes in to spoil the fun with the mention of work. The only one who is actually keen to put in a few more hours is Orri, whose hand shoots up before the question is even finished (In truth he has had fewer opportunities than the other guys because of his broken arm). Anyhow Luke seems to take pity on him and pairs him up for today’s scene with Peter Annaud.
All that pent up sexual energy really shows at the climax of today’s scene with Peter getting a great shock as Orri’s load comes shooting out straight towards his eye. Only some quick maneuvering gets him out of the way in time and in place to lick them remains off of satisfied Orri’s dick.


last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-1 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-2 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-3 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-4 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-5 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-6 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-7 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-8 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-9 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-10 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-11 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-12 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-13 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-14 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-15 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-16 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-17 last-summer-in-greece-11-final-episode-peter-annaud-orri-aasen-18


BULLFIGHTER – Jessy Ares & Denis Vega

Denis Vega returns to MENATPLAY this week! However, this time, he also takes over the director’s chair for a special feature. Denis reprises his role as the famous bullfighter Manuel Vega, but despite being a national sex symbol, Manuel hides a secret.

And everyone wants to know what that secret is, including celebrity reporter Jessy Ares – and weakened by the handsome interviewer’s aura Manuel gives him exactly what he wants.

Jessy strips the matador from his sexy costume like he’s stripping away his cover, and the usually domineering xxx becomes the sub in a deep ass-pounding that has his moaning with pleasure. And free from all pretence Vega finally gets to see what hard and passionate man-on-man sex really feels like.

Oh and BTW no bulls (or men) were hurt in the making of this scene.


bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-1 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-2 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-3 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-4 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-5 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-6 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-7 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-8 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-9 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-10 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-11 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-12 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-13 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-14 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-15 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-16 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-17 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-18 bullfighter-jessy-ares-denis-vega-19


Bentley & Caley RAW

This summary is really more about Caley and his mission to take on a HUGE challenge.

I would get emails from him asking to come back, and he said he was down to get fucked. Caley is definitely Bi, and like many Bi guys, he is fascinated with the one thing a girl can’t give him, a cock in his ass.

A few of the emails would come in overnight, so they were middle of the night messages that sounded like he was horny and thinking of hot things to do. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, or just fantasizing.

He had a trip overseas planned, and was going to be gone for a many months, but I couldn’t get him in before he left.

While waiting for his return, I continued to get an occasional email saying he thought he could take two cocks, and that he really wanted them to be hung. His emails became more serious, and I realized he was really looking forward to actually shooting a video.

Caley finally returned, so I tried to setup a hung TagTeam video with Caley the center of attention, but one guy failed to show up. That left Caley working only with Bentley.

Now Bentley is quite hung, and I figured Caley would not be disappointed.

Turns out, it was way more cock than he thought. Bentley had to go slow and easy on him.

I asked Caley after this shoot if he was glad it was not a double penetration scene after all. He said, “Yes! I guess I have been messing around with guys with smaller cocks, I can’t imagine taking two of them!” He then requested smaller cocks for future videos.

He does a pretty good job taking Bentley’s cock. Clearly he is both struggling with handling it, but also very turned-on!

Maybe in the future we can see if we can get two cocks in him, but for his first sex film, Bentley was more than enough!


bentley-caley-raw-0 bentley-caley-raw-1 bentley-caley-raw-2 bentley-caley-raw-3 bentley-caley-raw-4 bentley-caley-raw-5 bentley-caley-raw-6 bentley-caley-raw-7 bentley-caley-raw-8 bentley-caley-raw-9 bentley-caley-raw-10 bentley-caley-raw-11 bentley-caley-raw-12 bentley-caley-raw-13 bentley-caley-raw-14 bentley-caley-raw-15


Maskurbate Tony

Guy next door Tony ended up being a lot more exhibitionist than expected. He showed up really horny and made sure I noticed his incredible shape. He wanted to wear the mask because it looked cool on him, not to hide his identity. He’s really at ease with his decision to show his body in public. And with a body like his, who wouldn’t! So let’s enjoy Tony’s debut, another great addition on Maskurbate!


Maskurbate Tony 1 Maskurbate Tony 2 Maskurbate Tony 3 Maskurbate Tony 4 Maskurbate Tony 5 Maskurbate Tony 6 Maskurbate Tony 7 Maskurbate Tony 8 Maskurbate Tony 9 Maskurbate Tony 10 Maskurbate Tony 11


Featured Site – UK Naked Men

Our Featured Site for November is the fantastically popular and increasingly hot UK Naked Men!

UK Naked Men features over 100,000 EXCLUSIVE high quality images and over 200 EXCLUSIVE Videos. Movies can be streamed in DVD quality and the site is updated with images and video every single week. They also update with a full-length feature movie once every month!

What makes them different?
Apart from the full-length features (and we mean full-LENGTH!), UK Naked Men prides itself on featuring REAL MEN.

UK Naked Men is what I like to call a “Grunt and Cum” site, one that is simply jam-packed with beefy, muscular, masculine men who really know how to jerk-off, suck dick, fuck hard and shoot geysers of cum! Sure there’s the odd younger guy in there being fucked, but that just adds to the show; who doesn’t like to see an eager twink being screwed hard by a muscle stud?

They’re not afraid to get down and dirty either, featuring various fetishes from suited guys to cum eating.

Every shoot is different, including fetishes and themes that the viewers suggest. That’s right, members can suggest what they’d like to see, how great is that?

Oh, and there’s one other thing that makes this site different…





As it says in the title, this is “UK Naked Men”, and most UK Men are intact with glorious folds of extra skin! The site features hundreds of galleries and videos of hot uncut guys playing with their foreskins, getting them chewed and sucked on, and docking with their buddies!

If you like foreskin (and honestly, who doesn’t?) you’ll love the galleries and vids of uncut man-meat on show at UK Naked Men!


Nathan Price Deano Matt Hughes



A solid piece of Brit beef, from his sturdy legs, meaty ass and thick, uncut 7″ dick to his broad chest and strong arms. Nathan would take your breath away as he forced his fat prick up your ass, pounding you for all he’s worth before sitting on your face and forcing your tongue up his tight hole. Straight lad Deano fancies getting into adult video to satisfy his exhibitionist side and to have lots of sex – with women! Trouble is, there are no women involved and on his first shoot he finds himself surrounded by gay guys who are asking him to show his ass and cum for them, which is something he’s never done before… but Deano steps up to the plate enjoying the attention, and after a while he’s giving an intense performance and loving the lens. Matt Hughes is a 24 Y/O Straight Guy with a couple of things he’s very famous for. The first thing – an 11″ Uncut Fuck-tool! It’s veiny and thick with a hefty hood of foreskin covering the meaty head, just begging to be licked and sucked on! The second thing – this str8 guy sucks cock! See his massive man-meat in action as he gobbles down a team-mate’s hard dick too!

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