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4 Guy Straight Circle Jerk

Four of English Lads’ favorite straight guys come together for a jerk-off session around the table.

The expected teasing and joking suddenly tails off when Andy pulls down his boxers and two of the lads – not quite prepared for what flops out! – can’t believe the size of this guys uncut meat. They seem slightly hesitant about exposing their own dick, although I can’t understand why – straight guy dick is always hot, especially with foreskin!

The guys are once again in fits of laughter as cock comparisons begin, comparing floppy and already hard dicks. The lads obviously enjoy comparing and teasing each other about their body parts; Jay is as hard as a rock from the start, slightly embarrassed, though he decides it’s best to just show it off and shame the others into working up a boner!

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Most body parts are compared and they all come in for close up ass shots, all of them slightly hairy, some cheeks spread very wide! A little more competitive wanking next to each other and J is first to shoot, followed by Andy who does another unbelievable cum shot! Leon slips his own load out, quickly followed by popular hunk Hayden.

By the end of this scene, the glass table is coated in spurts of straight guy cum. And I bet you’d just love to be that table!


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Uncut Straight Guys First Gay Cock Suck!

A few months had passed when Augustus sent a text asking if he could do a blowjob video. I guess he needed a little time to think about it. The guys at Spunk Worthy needed about 2 seconds to respond with “yes!”

Sucking Straight guys uncut cock
Augustus is a hung guy. And uncut which has always added some challenge in sucking a guy off. Skin up? Skin back? It turned out that Augustus didn’t mind either way. Judging from his facial expressions, getting head from a guy was more than he expected. He immediately grabbed the back of his new friends head to push it down on his cock. His eyes shut and he rolled his head back when he took it all down his throat.

Knowing Augustus likes his ass played with, he was treated to some rimming which made him squirm and moan even more! Laying back on the couch, he grabbed the guys head again with both hands then let out a final gasp while an explosive load covered his stomach.


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Sexy Uncut Straight Boy Oli Hall Jerking Off at English Lads

Sexy young Oli is hunky Jay Hall’s younger brother and there are a lot of horny similarities between these really sexy brothers! They look very similar, with both being handsome. And although their bodies are different, their uncut pricks are very similar too!

Hot Straight English Lad Jerking Off Oli is definitely the more confident and cocky of the two though. he didn’t have a problem showing it all off and I think he liked the thought of a lot of horny guys out there stroking out some cum while they watch him.

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I wonder if there’s any competition between him and his older bro? Jay certainly has a big following of guys who love to watch him stroking his foreskin covered dick and shooting a load! Perhaps he has a contender in his younger sibling? lol


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Ed Lindley Jerking His Uncut Dick at English Lads

Ed is tall and slim with not very much hair on his body, but once he’s naked you’ll find he has lovely bushy pubes and a dangly little bit of long foreskin on the head of his prick. It’s gorgeous and totally suckable cock hanging there, that is until it sticks up and then the hood gently retracts back letting more of the damp helmet show!

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hot boy wanking at English Lads Thankfully for us, Ed is not at all shy about showing off his hot body, a veteran of this years World Bare Bicycle Ride in London he’s more than eager to show all his body off and you give us all some nice close up’s of his deliciously tight hole and hooded prick! After a really hot long and teasy wank Ed splatters a great load of creamy hot jism all over his abs and chest. Another happy straight lad, and I can’t wait to see if he comes back to play again!


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