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Kennedy Carter Wanking His Uncut Cock

I really get off hard when I see a hot guy like Kennedy Carter wanking, and when that hot hunk has a delicious looking uncut cock too it’s just makes me cum even harder! This gorgeous man is appearing over on the Cocky Boys site, and watching him playing with that impressive meaty dick is so amazing to watch. He recently kicked off their new live cam feature, putting on a great wanking show for all the members!

Images courtesy of Cocky Boys

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Images courtesy of Cocky Boys

Andy Lee

Andy Lee - Straight Lad with an Uncut 9 inch cockAndy Lee is (so far) seemingly exclusive to English Lads, and boy are they lucky to have him!

Come to think of it, so are we, because this hot new hunk is certain to be a star in the Brit porn industry and he has absolutely everything going for him.

With his cheeky smile and great tattooed bod, just passing him on the street is likely to give you goosebumps.


And the fact that he’s a construction worker by trade is only going to add to the attraction I think. In fact, I’m tempted to have an extension built just so I can have this hunk walking around my house next summer! Anyone got his number?

Andy, on the other hand, needs no “extension” (see what I did there?) because this hunk is not only cute, not only ripped and not only incredibly edible, he’s also packing a whopping 9″ cock!

As if that wasn’t enough, this dude is also uncut. And believe me, nothing looks better on a big dick like that than some extra skin!

So I’ve mentioned some incredibly good points. Now for another. He shoots cum like a fire-hose!

I know, the assumption is that guys with bigger dicks tend to dribble. Not Andy, his cock is like a cannon, spraying jizz out in all directions!

Andy LeeIn his first video he displayed an exhibitionist side, and then he displayed something even better; his fat uncut cock!

Not shy in front of the camera, this straight guy (yes, alas he has a girlfriend) then proceeded to show just how expertly he works that big tool of his, stroking slowly and intently for the viewers.

This was when I knew the guys at English Lads were onto a winner. That first cum shot on camera was an impressive one, spurting a load that splashed down meters away!


And so from that moment I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that he wasn’t one of those “curious” porn noobs who makes a quick buck and disappears back into obscurity.

But I needn’t have worried, because shortly after that he was back again, and this time his buddy (fellow straight guy Bailey) who had introduced him to porn tagged along for a double shoot!

Straight uncut muscle buddies jerking offYeah, you heard me, two hot and built straight guys, who also happen to be close mates, were about to get naked and jerk their dicks together for the camera!

And man did they do a good job.

They strip, have a little pose-down and compare, sneaking quick glimpses of the other guys dick (note that Bailey is already hard!)

They have a little work out (still sneaking glances) and then get to work, watching the porn just out of shot as they lube up and start stroking.


Andy’s meat is incredibly hot in this vid, glistening in the sun as he strokes. Particular attention is shown to that great foreskin as he slides it back and forth over the head. I so wish I could have been the one filming this, but then again I’d need at least one hand free!

Straight buddies wankingThese two buddies seem so into it that it’s almost a shame to see it end. But then we all want to see that great cum shot don’t we?

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And so Bailey goes first, dumping a nice load and slowing down to let his buddy catch up. You can kind of tell Andy is watching from the side while he’s unloading his balls, and it just adds to the hot scene. But it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity as Bailey is still hard, clearly ready to try a second round.

But it’s Andy’s turn. And what an impression he makes. We can assume that from Bailey’s reaction he’s never seen his buddies dick before, so he certainly hasn’t seen him shoot his spunk.

And shoot his spunk is exactly what Andy does, in all directions! It splashes down all over him, and over the decking too, feet away, almost hitting the cameraman! We wouldn’t mind being caught in the firing line would we guys?

Knowing the tradition at English Lads, all the Andy fans are now waiting for the next level.

He stroked his cock solo for the camera, jerked off with his buddy Bailey, Invited his brother along for a duo wanking shoot, and joined in the recent four guy circle jerk.

The next logical step is to team this hung and uncut hottie up with another guy. I would seriously give my right nut to see a guy try to suck on that thick meat of his, especially his mate Bailey! And then I’d give the other nut to see straight Andy sucking his buddy in return!

So, come on English Lads, give us what we want and pay these straight guys a shit load of cash to suck their buddy off. And please, please, please get Baily to take that massive load in his face too, just to top it all off.

I swear if they actually do this I could die of masturbation.