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Straight man fucked for the first time – Leo Lombar takes the raw dick of Martin Hovor

Big hairy muscle hunk Leo Lombar has been exploring a lot of new things since he arrived to jerk off for the first time. If you haven’t seen him being sucked and sucking cock for the first time you need to. His scene with three twink boys was awesome too. This is the first time he’s taken a cock up his ass, and fellow straight jock (although he’s probably not so straight these days!) Martin Hovor is the one giving it to him. Check out the pics and click through for their bareback fuck scene!

Extra fun with straight uncut boy Zack Russell

19-year-old Zack Russell arrived on the site back in 2016, and soon after his debut he was back to fuck his ass with a toy, then back again to suck cock with two of their other straight guys. He’s a horny straight lad who loves to shoot cum up to five times a day, so maybe it’s no surprise he would be so willing to share his cock with other lads and explore things? We haven’t seen him since he sucked a dick last year, but we might be getting some more of him after this new video. It’s a bonus shoot from his debut photo session, trying on underwear, showing off his uncut cock, wanking himself off and shooting a big mess of cum for the boys.
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Oh, and don’t be thinking their “bonus” videos are 10-minute clips, this is a full 30-minute wank session with the lad finishing up with a big load of juice pumping from his cock!



Straight boy hand job for Ryan Kent, Dominic Moore makes his cock pump cream!

Apparently straight footballer Ryan Kent really wasn’t sure about letting another guy play with his cock, but the confident lad isn’t the shy type and when he was finally convinced into letting another boy wank him off he enjoyed himself. Dominic Moore is the lucky lad giving him all that dick stroking attention in this new update, he’s come a long way since his own solo rubbing his intact 8-inch boner!

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We’ve just got the pics for the shoot (hundreds of them!) and it definitely seems as though his 6-inch uncut dick enjoyed the straight boy hand job Dominic gave him! Will he be back for more after this? I’m guessing so. If you haven’t seen all the videos straight lad Dominic has been in you need to at least go and watch him sucking cock for the first time.



I want to dirty things with gorgeous straight jock Ricky and his delectable ass

Will we see handsome straight southern jock Ricky back for more after this awesome solo? I definitely hope so, and I won’t be surprised if he’s willing to try something new and share that cock with another guy for the first time. He’s so fucking hot, with an amazing body and a great meaty cock too, and he definitely knows how to enjoy it. The 26-year-old is starting a new life in California after leaving behind his job in construction, and now he’s hoping to start his own business. He needs the money to give him a head start, and shooting off some cum loads for the guys is a good way to do it!



Uncut jock David Kolar cums up his abs in his debut wank show

I couldn’t wait for the video when I first saw handsome uncut jock David Kolar in his gallery. He’s a handsome lad with a great body, and that hooded intact dick is so nice too!

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Now the video is here we get to enjoy the sight of him wanking that cock, sliding that foreskin back, pleasuring his dick and showing off that virgin ass before splashing his cum up his muscled body. You’re gonna want to see this video, and then consider what we might get to see him doing if he comes back to team up with one of their other guys.