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Rugby player wanking – Adam Wallis makes his uncut dick spurt cream

Rugby players are fucking hot, and they don’t seem to give a damn about getting their dicks out with each other. Has straight lad Adam Wallis wanked with some of his teammates before? I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s eager to put on a show in his debut video, getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out and showing off, rubbing his meat and sliding that hood over his wet helmet, even showing off his ass before finally splashing hot cum out for the fans! I can’t wait to see him being jerked off by one of the other guys on the site. I bet we’re gonna get that before the end of August.



Straight boy jerking off – Declan Rice empties his uncut jock dick

19-year-old Declan Rice isn’t shy, but that’s probably because he’s used to being naked around other guys. He’s always been into sports of all kinds and he obviously works out a lot, so being in the locker rooms and showers with his meaty dick swinging around has made him pretty comfortable showing it off and enjoying himself.

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It’s not long before that pink and pale uncut dick is thickening up and throbbing in his hand while he strokes himself to a cum load, even showing off his virgin ass for the boys too! Will we see him sharing that cock with other lads like so many of their other straight boys end up doing? Let’s hope so. In the meantime we’re getting to see him pumping hot cream out of that dick in his debut shoot.



Sexy Sergeant Brady in a marine jerk off video for Spunk Worthy

Damn, Sergeant Brady is one fine looking young man! He’s an MMA fighter and a marine, and although this handsome young man is straight he’s happy to get his cock out and show off how he likes to stroke out his cream. He’s a horny guy who gets really hard when he’s enjoying his dick. See him stroking that curved boner and working out a hot milky load for the boys in his debut. Will we see him back to share that cock with some of the other guys after this marine jerk off solo? Let’s hope so!



Straight man fucked for the first time – Leo Lombar takes the raw dick of Martin Hovor

Big hairy muscle hunk Leo Lombar has been exploring a lot of new things since he arrived to jerk off for the first time. If you haven’t seen him being sucked and sucking cock for the first time you need to. His scene with three twink boys was awesome too. This is the first time he’s taken a cock up his ass, and fellow straight jock (although he’s probably not so straight these days!) Martin Hovor is the one giving it to him. Check out the pics and click through for their bareback fuck scene!

Extra fun with straight uncut boy Zack Russell

19-year-old Zack Russell arrived on the site back in 2016, and soon after his debut he was back to fuck his ass with a toy, then back again to suck cock with two of their other straight guys. He’s a horny straight lad who loves to shoot cum up to five times a day, so maybe it’s no surprise he would be so willing to share his cock with other lads and explore things? We haven’t seen him since he sucked a dick last year, but we might be getting some more of him after this new video. It’s a bonus shoot from his debut photo session, trying on underwear, showing off his uncut cock, wanking himself off and shooting a big mess of cum for the boys.
Also check out: Brothers comparing cocks and jerking off together
Oh, and don’t be thinking their “bonus” videos are 10-minute clips, this is a full 30-minute wank session with the lad finishing up with a big load of juice pumping from his cock!