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Hung male model Michal Vavrin has a gorgeous uncut dick

I’m really into uncut cocks right now, and the bigger the better. I hooked up with a gorgeous guy a couple of days ago and he had 8-inches of dick with a long and stretchy hood that I spent a good long time playing with and it was so good I almost shot my load just sucking him. He reminded me of Michal Vavrin, so I had to get some pics of this Czech hunk on here for you guys to see. Obviously he’s not at all shy about getting his big uncut dick out and showing it off for the world and we appreciate it more than he probably knows. He’s so handsome and fit, and that cock is enough to have me wanking and wishing he was here with me so I could suck the load out of that thing for him!

William Higgins

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