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Straight guys first time sucking cock, Milan really enjoys himself!

Milan is new to all of this, but during his debut jerk off on the site he was already admitting that he’s curious. He’s one of those gym buff hunks who probably checks out all the other cocks in the locker room and showers and he’s worked himself up to the point where he needs to learn what the deal is and see how good it all feels.

Lorenzo is a gorgeous guy ready to show him exactly how much fun another cock can be!

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Don’t be thinking this is just the straight guys first experience wanking another cock or being sucked, as would normally be the case. Milan really goes all-out with the cock play in this one, frotting with Lorenzo, wanking his dick, sucking cock for the first time, and then even rimming the guy and getting his hole plugged with a toy!

It all ends with a big facial for Lorenzo, and a taste of cum for Milan.

I can’t wait to see what this guy gets up to next. I think they’ve already decided he’s gonna get fucked.




A gay cum orgy for Martin Porter – bukkake action for a handsome hunk

I fucking love Martin Porter. He’s being called Andy West in this new video but that’s not how I know him, I’ve been a fan since he was a straight muscle daddy jerking off in gay porn for the first time. It’s fair to say he’s come a long way since then!

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He’s getting a whole lot of juicy uncut cock to suck on in this blow bang session, slurping on all the guys as they feed him their dicks, gathering around to jerk off in his face and taking turns to get licked and sucked while he wanks himself off. In the end, he gets very messy, as you can see!

I love a good gay cum orgy session like this, especially when it stars such a fucking hot man in the middle of it all.


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Gay cock edging for new boy JJ Smitts

We saw JJ Smitts in a solo on the Chaos Men site not too long ago and he kind of suggested that he’s been in a few experiences with other guys and considers himself to be bisexual, but it looks like they’re trying to clarify that in the description for this new gay cock edging video with him getting his load stroked and sucked out of him by lucky gay guy Easton.

It seems he might not be technically an experienced bisexual boy after all. He’s more curious, or open-minded, than actually bi. I guess he’s one of those guys who’s probably been enjoying gay porn in the past, maybe jerked off with a buddy or perhaps let another guy suck his dick for him.
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Well, he’s getting a lot more in this bondage session and gay cock edging video with Easton, being sucked and stroked by the experienced dude, rubbing dicks together and even kissing too. I wonder what he thinks about the taste of his own precum in his mouth?

Check out Easton working that dick and making the new guy spew out his load into his waiting mouth! I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of this horny guy and his swollen dick after this session.


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Uncut straight guy eats his own cum! Miguel from Spunk Worthy delivers

It’s not often you find a straight guy as horny as this one clearly is. His name is Miguel, and although he spends a lot of his time chasing pussy and hooking up with some very lucky ladies, the male model recently worked out that he’s an exhibitionist and he loves it when others are checking out his hard uncut cock.

It’s a little interesting that he’s decided to choose a gay porn site to show off his stroking for the first time on video, and I think that means he might be an avid masturbator with a slight curiosity about cocks. You know how so many straight guys are, they don’t talk about it but they love seeing another good dick being properly pleasured.

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He’s been saving up a load for us in this solo, getting his uncut cock out (already starting to get hard) and wanking himself off, building the pleasure and finally shooting off a hot mess of milky cum over his tight abs. He surprises us again by playing with his load, then licking his juices from his fingers!

I think we’re going to be seeing more from this horny straight guy in the future, and I can’t wait to see him exploring cock play with another dude. They’d better make that happen after this awesome show!



Gay cum eating with straight hunk Zane and uncut Andreus

This is something special! Straight muscle hunk Zane is back to share his cock and cum load with another one of their new guys, and gorgeous uncut jock Andreus is so into it. The guys get their big dicks out and stroke their wet tools, then swap their meat in some mutual oral, taking time to lick out those butt holes too before finally taking each other over the edge. Straight muscle man Zane gets a hot load of cum right in his mouth with Andreus erupting his load from his uncut cock, which soon gets the hairy stud pumping his own cream out for Andreus to collect in his mouth too!