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Hungry for Teen Cock – Billy Santoro & Calvin Banks

Billy Santoro can’t resist teen stud Calvin Banks’ huge cock and begs the horny teen to fuck his throat. He wants to deep throat that massive cock and have his tight asshole pounded, until he shoots his hot load all over the gorgeous young stud. Boy on boy fucking can’t get any hotter!


hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-1 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-2 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-3 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-4 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-5 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-6 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-7 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-8 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-9 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-10 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-11 hungry-for-teen-cock-billy-santoro-calvin-banks-12


Joshua Armstrong – Home Invasion

“I am a homeowner, a victim of a home invasion by two masked men. Instructed by them to do as i’m told.

Coming home from a hard day at the office to find these two masked men robbing me. I confront them. Once they get a look at my muscular body in that suit they decide to put me in place by sexually dominating me.

I argue against everything, but ultimately have to submit.

They make me play with my hole and finger myself, they make me pose and flex and show off my tight ass in my revealing jockstrap, they don’t even let me take my glasses off.”


joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-1 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-2 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-3 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-4 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-5 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-6 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-7 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-8 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-9 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-10


ActiveDuty David Prime

Here’s a unique young recruit who had me intrigued from start to explosive finish. This is David Prime and it’s his first experience gettin’ naked on camera.

When that cock comes out, my mouth was watering, y’all! Yummy! David’s dick is so well shaped and proportioned to his body.

As he gets into stroking his firm cock, David slowly lets those nerves melt away and he really is able to lose himself and enjoy the sensation.

After some good warming up on the couch, David goes to his feet and Claude comes in tight, right underneath David’s balls. Wow! If you’re a balls lover like myself, you’re gonna appreciate the set on this boy!

And then we get a look at David’s gorgeous ass. My goodness, talk about strong legs and that wonderful, manly hair on his cheeks and thighs!

David ends up back on the couch to tug out a nice, healthy load. In fact, he REALLY erupts for us, shooting warm cum all over his arms, stomach, and even a bit on his own chin!


new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-1 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-2 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-3 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-4 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-5 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-6 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-7 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-8 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-9 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-10 new-dude-david-prime-impresses-us-with-a-big-cum-shot-11


Straight & Toned Young Pup Zack Shows us his Uncut Rocket Cock & Cums Buckets!

Zack is a teenager with a great body, he is tall and lean with good definition and lots of hair on his body. He likes showing off his body and when he strips down and pulls down his boxers his uncut cock springs up soon resembling a rocket, hard as steel and pointing straight to the sky! One lovely uncut cock which he loves wanking, this horny young pup cums at least five times a day and is constantly hiding his erection during his day! He loves being naked and does a great job at showing off his body, which is covered in hair and it’s soon covered in cum! Zack cums as much as he wanks, this young spunky boy squirts a heavy load all over himself! Would you like him back?!

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wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-1 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-2 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-3 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-4 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-5 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-6 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-7 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-8 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-9 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-10 wanking-one-new-straight-lad-zack-russell-11


ChaosMen.com – Phineas Solo

Phineas has been married to both a guy and girl, but he seems to be most interested in guys right now.

He loves kinky stuff, and pretty much anything is on the table. Fisting seems to be the one thing that doesn’t interest him.

Phineas likes to be dominated and is definitely into getting fucked. I got a little bossy during the solo and he responded to just a casual dom vibe.

He also thought he could give himself a self-facial, especially if he was “made to” do it.

So I got him on the ground and he proceeded to coat his face and eat his own cum.

Definitely one of the best self-facials ever to hit the internet, and so feel free to share the animated GIFs!

He will be back next week, and of course, he will tied to the Edge chair!

UPDATE: Handsome Phineas returned to have a whole lot more fun after this, scroll down to the bottom to see!


chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-1 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-2 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-3 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-4 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-5 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-6 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-7 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-8 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-9 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-10 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-11 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-12 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-13 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-14 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-15