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Curious straight bodybuilder Milan squirts a load out for the guys in his debut

I get the feeling Milan is going to be one to watch. He’s just arrived to show off his solo stroking moves in a jerk off video, but the curious straight bodybuilder is already talking about being down to explore new things.

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He admits that he has a thing for checking out other guys, especially big guys at the gym. I guess he’s one of those curious straight bodybuilders who has an unexplored appreciation for other muscle guys, and likely their cocks, too.

After seeing him handling that dick and shooting off a great load in the final moments I have no doubt we’re going to be seeing more of him, I can’t wait to see his reaction when he comes back and gets the chance to play with another hard cock.



Two straight guy cocks need emptying! Joel Jenkins gives Thomas Parks a hand job

I can’t hardly believe how far straight guy Joel Jenkins has come since he was nervously wanking his load out with another guy for the first time. He was so reluctant to do anything with another lad, and now look at him grabbing that cock and wanking off straight footballer jock Thomas Parks.

This is one of their bonus videos, but it’s 33 minutes long so I don’t know if can really be called a bonus shoot.

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Handsome jock footballer Thomas is getting a massage from Joel in this one, getting his floppy uncut cock played with until he solid and wet with lube and precum, then Joel is getting his big uncut cock out and showing off his erection for his new straight friend to admire.

Thomas seems to like the look of it, but for now it’s all about Joel wanking him off, the two straight guy cocks throbbing and being stroked, finishing up with them both splashing hot milky cream out over themselves.

It’s fucking hot to watch, mainly because you can see how much Joel loves the feel of that dick in his hand, and how much Thomas clearly wants to reach out and wank off his new buddy.


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Straight guy dildo fun with horny Jaxon North

Something tells me this isn’t the first time this horny straight jock has played with his ass, but who are we to judge? His name is Jaxon North and we’ve seen him wanking the cream out of his thick uncut cock in a solo already, and while we were hoping to see him come back for some mutual jerking fun with one of the other lads he’s opted for some dildo play instead.

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We’re not complaining. The handsome and fit young jock seems more than happy to get naked and play with his dick, show off his tight virgin ass, lube up that dildo and slide it into himself for some solo fuck fun. He really seems to like it, his cock is stiff and wet with lube and precum throughout as he eases the toy in and out of his hole, taking himself of a cum load that pumps out over his tight abs!

I think we’re likely to see him wanking out some cum with one of the other guys in the next few weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it.


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Straight guys together for a jerk off session!

Sometimes the innocent cock play sessions are hot enough to get me cumming, and this would be one of those times. Carson Carver is the horny straight guy on the right who was planning to deliver a jerk off solo, but then he found out they had some toys for him to use and he decided to call up his best buddy Haigan Sence to come and have some fun too!

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His handsome friend isn’t shy, when he gets an offer like that from a buddy he’s there in no time at all, ready to put some porn on and haul out his long jock cock for a good session of friendly cum pumping.

The guys have a great time, with Carson even leaning over to drip some lube on the head of his friend’s cock! The guys slide their wet dicks in and out of those toys having a great time with their boners before they’re finally ready to start pumping their cream from their dicks.


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Uncut straight guy eats his own cum! Miguel from Spunk Worthy delivers

It’s not often you find a straight guy as horny as this one clearly is. His name is Miguel, and although he spends a lot of his time chasing pussy and hooking up with some very lucky ladies, the male model recently worked out that he’s an exhibitionist and he loves it when others are checking out his hard uncut cock.

It’s a little interesting that he’s decided to choose a gay porn site to show off his stroking for the first time on video, and I think that means he might be an avid masturbator with a slight curiosity about cocks. You know how so many straight guys are, they don’t talk about it but they love seeing another good dick being properly pleasured.

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He’s been saving up a load for us in this solo, getting his uncut cock out (already starting to get hard) and wanking himself off, building the pleasure and finally shooting off a hot mess of milky cum over his tight abs. He surprises us again by playing with his load, then licking his juices from his fingers!

I think we’re going to be seeing more from this horny straight guy in the future, and I can’t wait to see him exploring cock play with another dude. They’d better make that happen after this awesome show!