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Extra fun with Joey Barton and Chris Little – mutual cock sucking

It’s hard to believe Joey Barton jumped right in with the cock fun in this video with Chris Little. If you haven’t seen the mutual wanking and sucking session in the original video then you’ll want to watch this extra content as the guys get their dicks out, stroke each other, frot their cocks together and suck each other off until their cum loads are pumping out. No doubt Joey had a great time sharing his dick with another guy for the first time and you can see that in this extra content.
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Uncut Straight Boy Chris Little’s First Gay Blowjob From Dan Broughton At English Lads

I love sucking straight guys cocks, especially when they’re eager and uncut too. Chris Little is one uncut straight boy who definitely isn’t scared of trying new things, and after he had his uncut cock stroked to a gushing cum load, with toys sliding in and out of his virgin fuck hole too, he’s quickly back to experience what it’s like to have that uncut cock sucked by an eager gay hottie too!

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Sexy Dan Broughton is the professional dick swallower brought in to pleasure that intact boy cock, and they don’t waste any time getting into it either.

For a straight boy, Chris Little sure likes the feel of another guys cock in his hand as they jerk each other off, and the look of bliss on his face as Dan suckles on the head of his foreskin covered dick is a real delight!

But, the best part of this isn’t the frottage as they wank their cocks skin-on-skin, or the sight of this uncut straight boy getting his first gay blowjob either. For me it’s seeing this straight boy wanking out his heavy cum load for Dan Broughton to enjoy, before he wanks the gay guys cock furiously and watches the massive heavy cum load flooding out and splashing everywhere!

Images courtesy of English Lads

Straight Boy Chris Little Gets Sucked Off By Dan Broughton - English LadsImages courtesy of English Lads