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Chett and Wills: Two guys sucking cock

Wills is new to getting it on with guys, but this straight dude is horny and ready to get some more cock fun after sucking dick in his lads video. Handsome lad Chett has been in one solo jerk off but he described himself as bisexual. I think he’s had some jerk off and maybe some sucking fun with other guys before and he’s eager to get more. The guys start out showing each other their dicks and stroking themselves, but soon Chett can’t wait to get his mouth on that cock and starts sucking Wills! He’s so eager and seems to love the taste of that boner, but he loves the feel of another lad sucking him too and Wills shows him how it’s done. Surprisingly, Wills even gets his hole licked out by Chett before they both start cumming, with Chett surprising us by taking a load in his mouth while he spews out juice too!