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Straight boys jerking off and splashing their cream together, what could be better?

Okay, it would be better if they grabbed each other by the dick and shared some mutual wanking, but I don’t think Jack Ashton is ready for that just yet. He’s the handsome lad on the right, the one with a tight and smooth young jock body and an 8″ uncut cock that he likes to play with. We’ve seen him wanking off a few times and even playing with some toys in his virgin ass, then he got a hand job from another guy and we thought we might be seeing him enjoying some frotting and mutual jerking with some of the other guys. We’re still waiting for that! Casias Bradley has been a lot more daring and had some great fun rubbing his uncut cock with another couple of straight lads. We’ve seen him sharing some mutual masturbation and slapping dicks together with two other straight guys on the site so far so I was kind of expecting him to be getting Jack into it.
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Instead the guys have some innocent fun, getting their big uncut cocks out and wanking themselves off, pumping their cream out over their bodies. It’s the kind of thing a lot of straight mates do I guess, but hopefully it’s the start of Jack opening up a little more and trying some shared cock play with another lad. Check out some of the pics and click through for the video, it’s a hot one with just a couple of lads enjoying their cocks together and making a sticky hot mess.


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Straight guys frotting for the first time – they love all that cock play!

We should have known that Joe Burleigh (guy on the right in the top pic) would be down for more. In his debut wank not too long ago he let the camera guy play with his hard uncut cock and he didn’t seem to mind it at all. He’s back for only his second video and exploring some more fun with another lad in this one, and Casias Bradley is more than happy to join in with some friendly cock play too. He’s been in a few videos, wanking himself off and even fucking his ass with a toy too. The last time we saw him he got a hand job from another guy, so he was half way there already. But this cock frotting and mutual wanking is new to both these guys, and they sure seem to be having a lot of fun playing with each other’s dicks! Check it out as they slap their hard uncut meat together, stroke each other off and finally make their new buddy splash his hot cum from his dick!
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Two straight boys frotting their cocks together for the first time

Neither Joe Burleigh nor Casias Bradley has done anything like this with another lad before, but they sure do seem to be having a whole lot of fun grabbing another cock and wanking their meat together!

They start out a little nervous, but once those hard uncut cocks are throbbing and oozing precum they’re really getting into it. Things only get hornier when the lads feel another hard dick for the first time.

Both guys are quickly enjoying themselves as they stroke their friend, frotting their dicks together along their hard and warm lengths, making each other leak juice in anticipation of those cum shots.

It’s awesome to see them so into it, their uncut cocks so hard and throbbing like that as they make each other squirt their cream up their abs.
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