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Muscle worship becomes hardcore fucking in the locker room

Aston Springs is eager to admire the big and powerful body of Jaxton Wheeler in the locker room, but his interest soon becomes outright muscle worship and Jaxton isn’t going to miss out on the chance to get his cock emptied! The two are soon swapping dicks and sharing an awesome session of hardcore fun, with Aston giving up his ass and being pounded by that muscle dick right there in the locker room where anyone might walk in and find them! But, we all know whoever did would at least be watching the show and jerking out their juice to it.



Aston Springs loses to muscle top Sean Duran and gets his ass slammed

This is actually a theme I haven’t seen before, and considering this is the first in what I expect to be a series I actually can’t wait to see future pairings! The guys are being teamed up in a competitive tennis match, and the winner gets to ram his cock up the other guy’s ass! Big muscle top Sean Duran is up against handsome and lean Aston Springs, and I think you can already predict how this is gonna go. Needless to say, the big man wins, even though based on size and movement alone it should have been Aston. Not that we care, we’re here to see them sucking cock and hear Aston begging for that cock to ram him harder and harder until his dick is pumping cum and Sean is pulling out to unload his own milky mess!



Train Fuck – Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk & Brandon Evans

Things are getting horny and wild with Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk & Brandon Evans! The four eager dudes have loads of cum in their cocks that they need to get splashing, and these guys know how to get what they want. Watch as the gorgeous men share their dicks in a feast of mutual stroking and sucking, leading to an amazing bareback fucking that sees hard and wet lengths of man meat sliding in and out of the tightest jock holes! No wonder these guys shoot off so much hot cum by the end of it, the pleasure these guys inflict on each other’s hard cocks is incredible!


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