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Hot Muscle Stud Gets Sucked and Fucks a Dude in Public!

Hanging around the gas station, this hot muscle guy needs the bathroom, but of course it’s locked. But no fear, a young dude appears to unlock it, and instead of getting back to work, he’s offered cash to suck and fuck in the open. Needing the cash, the guy agrees, going down on the hot muscle guy right out in the open before taking his hot cock up his ass and taking his cum load all over his dick and gaping hole!

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Sean Stavos and Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis is relaxing beneath the trees on a summer day, horny and playing with his dick. Watching from above is hairy Sean Stavos, eager to get in on the action and join the hot stud beneath him.
He goes in with his hard dick in hand, sucking on Brandon’s pole right there out in the open! After a little foreplay Brandon leads Sean into the treehouse for some more hardcore action. Brandon works on Sean’s hole, slurping and prepping it for his hard cock. Sean is more than eager, climbing on to ride Brandon’s raging boner!
After such an intense fuck these hot dudes can’t hold off any longer and unleash their cum loads, splashing and spraying their hot spunk all over!

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Dudes Suck and Fuck In Public Parking Lot!

Joey and his buddy Rod are in Miami looking for a hot and eager guy to pay for a public fucking session, and they bump into Tyler.
They offer Tyler some cash to suck on Rods cock in the parking lot, and although nervous, he agrees. He sucks on that dick like a real hungry cock-sucker, before being offered more cash to take that cock up his ass!

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