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Straight guy goes gay on video, and he loves it

We knew Nicholas Duff was going to be back after jerking out a load on video for the first time, but we didn’t expect to watch as the straight guy goes gay on video with Timmy. You can see he’s into it right from the start, checking out that hard dick right beside him. Once he gets the first feel of that cock in his fist it seems to open the floodgates to everything he clearly wanted to try but never had the chance before. He’s soon grabbing that cock, wanking the guy off, being sucked and frotting their hard and juicy dicks together. You can totally see that he loves the feel of that shaft in his hand, against his own throbbing length. That’s not all, soon enough he’s getting his first taste of another guys cock and sucking on that delicious tool. Then it’s time to try some rimming, licking out Timmy’s hole and prepping him for his big bareback cock. He slides in and starts fucking his new buddy, his length raging as he slides his wet meat in and out of that fuck hole, ramming Timmy all over the bed until those cum loads can’t be held back any longer!


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Caspar & Vander RAW – Gay for pay muscle man gets it

Caspar is what you might call a gay for pay muscle man who just loves to share his cock and get fucked mean and nasty. He’s getting some great action with Vander in this shoot, swapping their meat in some mutual sucking before getting his ass fucked, topping Vander, then getting his hole splashed with cum and being made to jerk out his juice while his new buddy licks his cream out of his hole!


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Straight guys sucking dick in a 69

Soren is new to all of this, but after watching these straight guys sucking dick and shooting off their cum loads together I’m pretty certain we’re gonna be seeing him again.

This is his first time with another guy and Jerome was probably a perfect choice. He started out straight on the site earlier this year, but after tasting dick for the first time he’s become one of their horniest performers.

The two start out jerking off to pussy porn, but soon enough Jerome can’t resist leaning over and getting a taste of that beautiful dick.

Soren is a little nervous at first, but when he gets the chance to suck a cock too he dives in and his own meat is soon throbbing and drooling in response. That’s a good sign that he likes it!

With some 69 oral on the couch and a little rimming of that virgin hole the two are ready to spew their cream.

Soren unloads his juice in Jerome’s mouth and the guy sucks his boner clean, making his own cock blast out semen in response.

Click through and watch these straight guys sucking dick, and have a think about what we might see straight guy Soren doing next.



Quentin Gainz & Jason

When we told Jason he’d be having his first experience with Quentin Gainz, Jason didn’t put up any hesitation.

Of course Quentin is always ready to go, being the laid-back, cool guy he is. Claude gives them the go ahead and the clothing comes off pretty quickly. Jason leans over and plants his lips around that big, thick piece of hard meat.

After some good bobbing, Quentin gets hungry for stiff cock himself, so he has Jason lean back and allow him to reciprocate. Jason’s cock is nice ‘n’ happy, just right for Quentin to work on, but it’s not long before Jason is craving more for himself…what a cock fiend! Haha, I think we have some good times ahead with Jason, joining him as he tries plenty of new things here at AD.

To even things out a bit, the boys get into a 69 position. Jason really seizes the opportunity and just goes to town on Quentin’s lucky dick. And of course, Quentin gets down to business as usual.

From there, Quentin stands up and really lets Jason indulge for a while. After getting mouthful after mouthful of Quentin’s chubby cock, the guys switch again and Quentin services his new pal for a while.

Once Quentin feels Jason is perfectly primed for the next step, he bends over a desk and lets Jason jam his erection deep into Quentin’s ass. These boys are just beautiful together and the shots of Jason’s hard dick penetrating Quentin’s tender hole are just incredible.

They move over to the bed and Jason continues enjoying Quentin’s ass. Claude gets some great shots of Jason from behind so we see his lean-but-strong butt pumping that cock in and out of Quentin.

Finally, Quentin goes to his back and takes the final round of Jason’s pounding. This one turned out so incredibly hot (as I could’ve predicted with Quentin) and to be just such a feel-good experience all around.


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Allen Lucas & Gabriel Watson

Take a look at these two fine specimens! They’re a couple of sexy peas in a steamy pod and they’re hookin’ up for the first time. We’ve grown to know Allen Lucas very well and have seen him turn from eager, curious fresh recruit, to bold, daring squad leader. He’s exactly the man for this job, initiating brand new boy, Gabriel Watson into the fold. Allen finally suggested Gabriel have a taste of his cock, so he sure did, and what do ya know?! Gabriel took to it like a fish to water. And then what a treat for Gabriel. Allen reciprocates by taking Gabriel’s absolutely enormous erection very deep down his throat. The action at this point becomes so hot, the guys naturally move into an intense 69 formation and go to work on each other’s throbbing knobs for a while. All this fun was plenty to convince Gabriel to take the ultimate leap and try fucking his first guy! Claude gets underneath the guys and we see a wonderful view of Gabriel going in and out, starting slowly first, then building up some speed and fucking that sweet recruit real good. Then the soldiers move right into phase 2 of this operation: Gabriel lays flat on his back on the bed and Allen gets on top of him to ride that big boner. He starts out nice ‘n’ easy but gets going really fast and hard, bouncing down hard on Gabriel’s lucky cock. And then finally, Allen goes to his back so Gabriel can fuck the cum right out of him. And what a great job he does of that! Allen explodes like a firehose as Gabriel bangs that tender pocket with purpose and duty.

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