Hottie Devin Adams Fucks Stud Chad Carlisle At College Dudes

Devin Adams and Chad Carlisle got along well when they met – and we could tell there would be some excitement in the air. Chad comes across as a little timid, but Devin really knows how to show a newbie the ropes!

Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College DudesDevin takes control from the beginning and starts out kissing Chad and getting him extremely worked up. Before long, the clothes are on the floor and Chad has his lips wrapped around Devins massive dick. Chad lovingly sucks, slurps, and licks Devins cock and balls, ensuring that Devin is ready for game-time! After an intense BJ, Devin decides that it is time to work on Chads hole. Chad is extremely tight, so Devin takes care to lube up his fingers and get Chads hole nice and loose. After a minute, Devin manages to work two fingers in, and from there Devin wraps up his dick and the show gets going strong. Devin fucks Chad doggie style, and although at first Chad is a little resistant due to his tight butthole, Devin goes with soft strokes until Chad is completely loosened up. Chad then takes a pounding, and Devin enjoys every second. Flipping Chad on his back, Devin keeps going with a fervor, holding Chads ankles and loving the sensation of Chads hole wrapping tightly against his cock. Wanting to get more intimate, Devin hops on the bed and becomes the fork to Chads spoon, getting him from behind with deep and powerful thrusts. Chad and Devin kiss as they fuck, and before long Chad is shooting his load before Devin pulls out and dumps a nice one on him. Hot Fuck!


Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle at College Dudes


Scott Tanner & Adam Killan

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Scott Tanner & Adam Killan
Blond bottom-extraordinare, Scott Tanner, opens up his well-trained hold for furry muscle God Adam Killan in this video. Scott’s facial expressions are going to make you shiver all over as he’s plowed mercilessly by this mo-hawked porn deity. A one-on-one not to be missed.CLICK HERE

Ed Lindley Jerking His Uncut Dick at English Lads

Ed is tall and slim with not very much hair on his body, but once he’s naked you’ll find he has lovely bushy pubes and a dangly little bit of long foreskin on the head of his prick. It’s gorgeous and totally suckable cock hanging there, that is until it sticks up and then the hood gently retracts back letting more of the damp helmet show!


hot boy wanking at English Lads Thankfully for us, Ed is not at all shy about showing off his hot body, a veteran of this years World Bare Bicycle Ride in London he’s more than eager to show all his body off and you give us all some nice close up’s of his deliciously tight hole and hooded prick! After a really hot long and teasy wank Ed splatters a great load of creamy hot jism all over his abs and chest. Another happy straight lad, and I can’t wait to see if he comes back to play again!


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Cliff Jensen and Cameron Adams

Cliff Jensen and Cameron Adams @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Take 8 models, put them in rooms at the Coconut Cove Guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale, and outfit their rooms with camcorders. What do you get? A whole lot of sex. In this exclusive series, watch Dominic Ford’s guys have spontaneous and uninhibited sex during their Florida vacation at Coconut Cove. First up is Cliff Jensen and Cameron Adams. Cliff won the award for “Best New Comer” on Ford’s “So You Think You Can Fuck” and Cameron played “Himmione Grainghim” in Ford’s award-winning movie “Whorrey Potter.”

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