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Mirek and Nikol – Full Contact

Mirek Belan is studying when Nikol Monak arrives to distract him. Nikol kisses Mirek who returns the affection. Then Nikol pulls off Mirek’s tee shirt and as they kiss some more he opens his friend’s jeans too, pulling out a hardening cock. Mirek is quickly naked and laying back on his desk with Nikol’s mouth working down the chest to the hard cock. He takes the cock in his mouth and suck it as Mirek moans. He works on the big cock for a while. Then Nikols underwear comes off and Mirek goes down on the rock hard dick. Nikol fucks his cock into Mirek’s eager mouth and then Mirek licks the big head and wanks the cock as he sucks. Nikol wants more than to be sucked and bends Mirek over to slide his thick cock deep into his ass. Mirek moans as Nikol’s cock fucks him nice and deep. Nikol spanks the sexy ass as his cock pounds away at the hole. Then Mirek turns over and lays on the desk wanking himself as Nikol’s cock hits home again and fucks that hot ass. Nikol keeps fucking that ass deep and hard as Mirek shoots his creamy load all over himself. Nikol holds the ass up as he fucks it even harder and then he pulls out to shoot his creamy cum all over the butt cheeks and hot hole. He leans forward and kisses Mirek again before they go off to the shower to clean up.


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