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Cum Sandwich – Joshua Armstrong

I’m dressed in all my contractor gear, acting all cocky. I start touching my body while goading and seducing you, guessed who the fuck I am yet?

I’m your fucking boyfriends contractor, that’s right. I’m the guy that your boy plays with when he’s at work on the top floor.

I undress revealing my beautiful ass and my hot body. as you stare, I remind you that your boyfriend goes fucking crazy for it!

Your boyfriend is such a dirty fuck, he loves to eat out my muscle ass, and I let him.

He eats my ass so well, i’ve got a present to give him. I’ll bust a huge load of cum out on this salad sandwich and you can take it home to your boyfriend, as a special present from me! Tell him its a fucking thank you for eating out my ass so well!


cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-1 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-2 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-3 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-4 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-5 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-6 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-7 cum-sandwich-joshua-armstrong-8


Cant Resist The Pits – Joshua Armstrong

Whatever you want to call me, how you want to address me – it doesn’t matter as long as you understand alpha males do what they want, when they want and with who they want.

I’ve just finished a epic biceps and triceps session in the gym, as they get larger and wider I get more aggressive, more cocky.

Left in this state, I need someone to bury into my pits, I need an inferior face to bury deep into my masculine armpits.

I love to seduce, control and dominate with my god given gorgeous pits, let the smell seduce you… And be rewarded for loyalty with my hot muscleman cum.


cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-1 cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-2 cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-3 cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-4 cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-5 cant-resist-the-pits-joshua-armstrong-6


Joshua Armstrong – Home Invasion

“I am a homeowner, a victim of a home invasion by two masked men. Instructed by them to do as i’m told.

Coming home from a hard day at the office to find these two masked men robbing me. I confront them. Once they get a look at my muscular body in that suit they decide to put me in place by sexually dominating me.

I argue against everything, but ultimately have to submit.

They make me play with my hole and finger myself, they make me pose and flex and show off my tight ass in my revealing jockstrap, they don’t even let me take my glasses off.”


joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-1 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-2 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-3 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-4 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-5 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-6 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-7 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-8 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-9 joshua-armstrong-exposed-shooting-cum-fans-10


Muscle wank with Joshua Armstrong – Muscle Control

I show off my amazing muscle control, I bounce my pecs, glutes, biceps and everything else your muscle fantasies desire.

Both individually and at the same time I have complete control over my giant physique, the slabs of muscle that lay on my bone are an extension of my self, and thus I can control them, and ultimately control you.

You will be hypnotised into my god like muscle as I command it to do my bidding..

After showing the power I can generate while being in control, i’m left hard and needing to show you my other skill.. My cum control


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