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Cody Cummings

The Massage 2 For The Price Of 1 For His Fans!
Phenix goes from the muscles and decides to work the cock! For this scene, Cody had a special two for the price of one! The Italian Stallion, for the first time EVER, sucks a cock!
A Warm, Wet Mouth Loves Stroking His Mammoth Cock The Asian Persuasion!
Any mouth is better than a hand for getting off! So, Enjoy! Mr. Cummings strokes his thick sausage until he’s cumming! After giving Miko a pounding Cody drenches her back with cum
Blonde Bombshell Photo Shoot & Shower The Surprise
Cody fucks Lea in every possible holes and cums in her face! Enjoy Cody as he strips down, poses, then unloads his balls. Busty blue eyed blonde sucks and fucks Cody’s rock hard cock
Sunny Cock Str8 Sex Daydream & Cream
The sun is hot, Cody is so hot and the action is hot! Enjoy! Christina is here for one reason: To service Cody’s cock. Adam sucks Cody’s fat cock, rubs it hard and licks his ass!
Intense Fuck Oops The Masseur
Watch these two sexy people fuck, suck and have a good time! A blowjob and cumshot before heading to the gym; sounds good Cody’s giving a nice massage to Sabrina’s body… and pussy!
The Bet The House Guest Plays With The FleshLight
All kinky desires fulfilled in this amazing threesome. ENJOY He takes Cody’s hardon into his mouth, sucking the hunk dry. Cody slides his hard dick into the asshole of the FleshLight
Screws & Nails 3 Way Ass Play Coffee And Cum
This hot scene has plenty of ass licking and hard fucking! It’s a scene where you might need to super sized jug of lube Cody yank on his mammoth cock while he sips his earl grey.
Cum Toes Cody The Auditioner A Camera & A Cock
After the foot massages, Vince begins rubbing on Cody’s dick Cody fucks the buxom blonde before he unloades his balls! Cody trips down, pulls out his massive meat and jerks it!
Cody Interviews Vance Crawford Cock Shots The Peeping Saint
Mr.Cummings stuffs the new guys mouth with his fat cock! Cody gives a thorough stroking before unloading his balls! Guy on Girl: CHECK. Guy on Guy: DONE. Yummy Cum Dumping:DONE

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