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Bentley & Caley RAW

This summary is really more about Caley and his mission to take on a HUGE challenge.

I would get emails from him asking to come back, and he said he was down to get fucked. Caley is definitely Bi, and like many Bi guys, he is fascinated with the one thing a girl can’t give him, a cock in his ass.

A few of the emails would come in overnight, so they were middle of the night messages that sounded like he was horny and thinking of hot things to do. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, or just fantasizing.

He had a trip overseas planned, and was going to be gone for a many months, but I couldn’t get him in before he left.

While waiting for his return, I continued to get an occasional email saying he thought he could take two cocks, and that he really wanted them to be hung. His emails became more serious, and I realized he was really looking forward to actually shooting a video.

Caley finally returned, so I tried to setup a hung TagTeam video with Caley the center of attention, but one guy failed to show up. That left Caley working only with Bentley.

Now Bentley is quite hung, and I figured Caley would not be disappointed.

Turns out, it was way more cock than he thought. Bentley had to go slow and easy on him.

I asked Caley after this shoot if he was glad it was not a double penetration scene after all. He said, “Yes! I guess I have been messing around with guys with smaller cocks, I can’t imagine taking two of them!” He then requested smaller cocks for future videos.

He does a pretty good job taking Bentley’s cock. Clearly he is both struggling with handling it, but also very turned-on!

Maybe in the future we can see if we can get two cocks in him, but for his first sex film, Bentley was more than enough!


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Bryan & Kodi Serviced

After Kodi had come in earlier in the week to do his solo, I knew I wanted to get him back to do a massage themed video. He was only going to be in Austin a short while.

It was a holiday weekend, and neither of us had much going on, so we setup a last-minute morning shoot on a Sunday. I just set the cameras up, and pretty much shot a video in 25 minutes.

Sorry for the lack on HiRes images. Kodi was really turned-on and a couple times I needed to slow down to stop him from cumming too soon. He actually came before I could stop and take some nice still images. Ooops!

There is a lot of chemistry, kissing and despite wanting to try to keep to a staged video format, you can tell that things escalated quickly! Camera angles get a little off as we paid more attention to each other rather than where the cameras were aimed.

Kodi was only in town for a week, but I really liked his energy, and will do my best to get him back so we can see him properly fucked!

UPDATE: Kodi did a whole lot more after being serviced by a guy, scroll down to the bottom to see.


bryan-kodi-serviced-1 bryan-kodi-serviced-2 bryan-kodi-serviced-3 bryan-kodi-serviced-4 bryan-kodi-serviced-5 bryan-kodi-serviced-6 bryan-kodi-serviced-7 bryan-kodi-serviced-8 bryan-kodi-serviced-9 bryan-kodi-serviced-10 bryan-kodi-serviced-11 bryan-kodi-serviced-12 bryan-kodi-serviced-13 bryan-kodi-serviced-14 bryan-kodi-serviced-15 bryan-kodi-serviced-16


Straight Cock Sucked At Chaos Men

Once a straight guy has had his cock sucked by a dude as expert in swallowing dick as Kristopher, he’ll never be the same again. Although straight guy Allen admits that he has had some man on man action in the past, he still calls himself straight (I don’t know how that works either!) but this is one cock sucking session that he definitely won’t be forgetting any time soon!

UPDATE: Allen went on to do a lot more. scroll down to the bottom to see.

Images courtesy of Chaos Men

Sucking Straight Guys Cock At Chaos Men (1) Sucking Straight Guys Cock At Chaos Men (2) Sucking Straight Guys Cock At Chaos Men (3)

Images courtesy of Chaos Men

Allen is one of those straight guys with everything going for him. He’s handsome, he has a really hot and tightly muscled body, and he has one of the most perfect cut cocks I think I have ever seen. This guys dick is so delicious to look at it’s no surprise Kristopher is on it the way he is, licking the length of those inches, lapping at the dudes balls, sucking on the wet and juicy helmet…

But it’s the guys deep throating skills that really sends this straight guy into overdrive as he feels his cock being engulfed by that hot wet mouth, the tongue swirling around the ridge of his helmet, the sucking sensation as the boy takes as much as he can before resorting to wanking that dick too.

This is edging done properly, with that straight cock sucked right to the brink and then stroked back again, swallowed to the point of blasting the cum out before abandoned once more, then jerked off and licked until the thick white load pumps out and every muscle in the hunks body flexes with the intense pleasure as splash after splash of hot ball juice pumps out of his cum hole!