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Joss & Teo Serviced

Joss was not nervous about doing this video, and boy is he intent on watching Teo stroke his cock! Perhaps this is something he has been waiting to do for a long time?

His eyes stayed glued to Teo’s cock, and even when he cums he is just transfixed on Teo’s stroking action.

Joss’s cock sucking is incredibly enthusiastic too! While energetic, there is a little bit of teeth action for poor Teo who goes from ecstasy to, ‘Hey! Teeth!’ But wow! He just hungrily went at it, and he loved rimming around Teo’s foreskin.

They try docking their cocks, and it actually looked better in the photos. So if you like that imagery, pay attention to the hi-res photos for some hot docking shots.

As I said previously, Joss needed no straight porn in order to bust his load all over Teo’s face. It will be interesting to see what team Joss ends up deciding to play for!



Easton Solo

A couple times a year a new model arrives and I am totally blown away by their enthusiasm, sexual energy, and dirty boy vibe.

Meet Easton, a 22-year-old gay guy with a big dick on a small frame. He was super turned-on by doing this video, with his cock dripping during the photos and videos.

Easton spent most of his adult life Topping, but has recently been embracing Bottoming. With that big juicy cock dripping pre-cum, it sure would look good plunging into a nice hairy hole!

I really have high hopes for Easton. He is super pleasant, not picky, just wants to have fun and hot sex. I think you will really want to follow this new guy on the site.

He is back next week for a Serviced video that gets a little crazy, and as of this writing, I already have him booked to come back.

I hope you all are impressed with this guy’s energy as much as I am!



Franco & Jackson RAW

I mentioned in the summary for Jackson’s blow job video that he had texted back right away, saying he was down to try anything.

I was a little dubious the oral was his first time, and him ready to jump in to getting fucked added the idea he might have some ‘at home’ experience. Although, in his oral video, he clearly was not smooth and by no means a pro.

So I setup a flip-flop video with Franco. I asked Jackson if he ever had his ass played with and he said no. So I thought maybe having him bottom for one position would help break him in.

As in his previous videos he was fairly passive, and that pattern continued. Franco takes control by sucking his cock, and Jackson returns the favor, more skilled than before.

Franco plays with Jackson’s cock and his hole, getting him loosened up for his cock.

Jackson struggles for a little bit, but he seems perfectly happy getting fucked.

Now Franco was a little intimidated by the size of Jackson’s cock, so he was keen on doing all the fucking in this video. And with Jackson taking to bottoming, he fucks some more on his back. Jackson stays hard and turned on, so he is definitely a great Bottom.

However, I did want to see Jackson’s thick cock inside of Franco. We tried unsuccessfully to get him fucked on his back, but swapped it out so he was doggie-style. That position worked great with the downward curve of Jackson’s cock, and Franco was actually thrilled with the feeling! Seriously, he was shocked that the his thick cock felt great!

I actually don’t think Franco lasted very long getting fucked in that position. It just felt too good. I guess that curve was hitting him in all the right spots? His cock was straining not to cum. Franco, who was nervous about how thick Jackson’s cock was, said it was the best it had ever felt.

He cums ‘accidently’ while I am under there filming him getting plowed!

It takes Jackson a bit to play catch-up, but successfully creampies Franco’s hole!



Ashton McKay Solo

Ashton McKay has done quite a bit of video work with a few other stage names. Not sure what all of them were. But he said it had been a couple years since he had shot video and was feeling strong and ready to start working with a new studio.

He has pretty much done it all, but wanted to do a solo and an oral before committing to just one studio.

I had wanted another pro guy to help step the amateurs through their first time, and with his relaxed and amiable vibe, I was eager to get him in.

During the photos, I asked him if he had ever used a FleshJack and he said yes. But I kind of had to show him some tricks to using it, and once he tried, he was amazed at how good it felt. So then I was confused because it was more like he had not ever tried it.

I dunno, regardless, he loved using it in both the photos and video, and I always enjoy seeing the guys fuck the toy like they would another person.

And he is a pro too! Ashton knows where the cameras are and changes his body position to showcase everything he is doing.

He uses the toy until the very last second, and gives his cock head a few more strokes in order to pop his nut!

Ashton is a super hot guy with a hot cock and an amazing body! I hope you enjoy seeing him at ChaosMen!



Santino & Teo RAW

After Teo broke his leg earlier in the year, I figured he would be down and out for the rest of the year. He worked out hard after getting his cast removed, and was living in Austin for several months before getting back to work at his full-time job.

He is always a hoot to work with. He cracks jokes a lot, and often makes the other models feel relaxed. You can usually spot a goofy photo or two of him hamming it up.

Santino is calm but anxious before doing each shoot. He always worries about bottoming, but once on set, he finally will relax. Though you can tell he is all about a slow gentle fuck, vs. getting hammered. You can often hear him whisper, “Take is slow. Easy!”

Santino is definitely a better Top than a Bottom.

Teo is down for anything, and after experimenting with his girlfriend (who also does adult video work) he looks forward to trying to nut while being fucked. I have to admit; he does cum much faster with a dick in his ass!

Santino has also mastered the fine art of breeding a dude. He jerks his cock until it starts squirting on Teo’s hole, then blasts the rest inside!