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Nolan Stone Solo

Nolan submitted himself with some awesome gym selfies. He told me he was gay and loved to bottom. With so many new guys that only want to top, I was like, “Come on down!”

He has a hot body, with an impressive back tattoo. His cock is 7 inches, but he is always clear to tell anyone that if he is going to top that it is a THICK 7 inches. And thick it is!

So he sounds versatile, but mostly into being on bottom.

We tossed a few anal toys into the shoot, and the dildo he picked out was rather large. He barely squeezes it in and I am impressed by him taking such a big dildo.

For his cum shot, he switches to a more manageable butt-plug that would stay in place while he busted a huge, white, creamy load!


tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-1 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-2 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-3 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-4 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-5 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-6 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-7 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-8 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-9 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-10 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-11 tops-gonna-lining-slam-cocks-nolan-stone-12


Franco & Ivan & Sam TagTeam RAW

Three guys, four cumshots!

Franco, Ivan and Sam all have only done duo scenes, so everyone in this video is new to doing a TagTeam.

Sam has the most experience sexually, so I figured he would be fine. Despite Ivan starting many years ago, he actually has not done a lot of video work. Franco is always game for anything, so despite all the newbie talent, all the guys did a great job.

Everyone gets fucked in this video, with Franco and Sam both excelling at bottoming. Ivan still looks like he vacillates from pain to pleasure

Ivan creampies Franco’s hole, breeding him so that his cum slides out as he juices him. That made Franco instantly nut!

Sam came around to add his load to Ivan’s, fucking Franco with Ivan’s load, then stroking his own load out. It took a couple minutes for him to nut all over Franco’s hole, giving Franco time to bust his second nut!

That Franco, he sure loves having his hole filled!


franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-1 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-2 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-3 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-4 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-5 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-6 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-7 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-8 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-9 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-10 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-11 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-12 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-13 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-14 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-15 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-16


Remy Ferrera & Sean Peyton Serviced

I knew Remy was better when he had some porn audio playing in the background, so a traditional Serviced video would work perfectly.

He watches the video only a little bit which makes for a much more interactive video. He goes from looking nervous to really getting into it. The nervous moments usually are when he is getting wobbly. Eventually, I eased up on the volume of the moaning girls about half way into the video. From that point forward he was in the moment.

Remy gets pretty aggressive and his verbal skills are actually quite nice!

After the video, Sean declared him a bottom. I asked him why because he looked a little anxious, but Sean said based on his motion, moaning and his hard dick, that the rimming was his favorite part.

I dunno, I know a lot of guys that loved to get rimmed but don’t necessarily want get their ass rammed. But with these guys, you never know!

I’d like to get him back to see how he does. Remy lives pretty far off the beaten track and it takes him a couple hours to get a major city. But he seems motivated, and eager to try more things. So we shall see!

He does jerk his cock in order to cum but really makes sure that Sean gets every drop in his mouth!


remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-0 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-1 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-2 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-3 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-4 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-5 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-6 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-7 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-8 remy-ferrera-sean-peyton-serviced-9


Phineas has been married to both a guy and girl, but he seems to be most interested in guys right now.

He loves kinky stuff, and pretty much anything is on the table. Fisting seems to be the one thing that doesn’t interest him.

Phineas likes to be dominated and is definitely into getting fucked. I got a little bossy during the solo and he responded to just a casual dom vibe.

He also thought he could give himself a self-facial, especially if he was “made to” do it.

So I got him on the ground and he proceeded to coat his face and eat his own cum.

Definitely one of the best self-facials ever to hit the internet, and so feel free to share the animated GIFs!

He will be back next week, and of course, he will tied to the Edge chair!

UPDATE: Handsome Phineas returned to have a whole lot more fun after this, scroll down to the bottom to see!


chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-1 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-2 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-3 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-4 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-5 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-6 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-7 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-8 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-9 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-10 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-11 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-12 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-13 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-14 chaosmen-com-phineas-solo-15