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A big cum load from straight jock Nicholas Duff

Nicholas Duff is no stranger to appearing on video, but he hasn’t appeared for a gay porn site like this before. He’s eager to get started, showing off his hot body and revealing a hairy and thick cock that’s already getting hard the moment he’s on show. He seems to love showing off and knowing that there’s plenty of cocks out there being stroked along with him. He really gets into his wanking, his cock throbbing and solid, shiny and wet, soon splashing out a massive messy cum load as semen erupts from his swollen helmet and splashes down all over his sexy body. We’ve been teased about his second video, which was supposed to be a serviced scene with him getting his big cock sucked by another guy for the first time. According to the site things got a little hornier than that. Will we see Nicholas Duff sucking his first dick?



2 straight men in a raw threesome! Easton & Franco & Jerome TagTeam RAW

When Fanco started out in his debut jack off he admitted that he’d had a little fun with other guys before. I’m guessing he’d been in some shared jerk off sessions with guys and maybe been sucked off.

Jerome was totally new to everything, in fact, he’d only been with one sexual partner, and it was a woman.

Just look at them now in this bareback threesome video with gay guy Easton, their cocks throbbing and drooling as they stroke and suck each other, their cocks sliding into naked butt holes, their own asses taking long and solid dicks as everyone fucks each other and blasts out hot messy cum loads!

There’s no denying that these two straight guys are not so straight these days, they love the taste of cock and the feel of a hot hole around their meat or a hard dick in their own ass.



Gerard & Kodi: RAW

The lust between Kodi and Gerard is real as they make out, suck those throbbing dicks and get themselves into a 69. Their dicks are so hard, leaking precum as they service each other. But, the bareback fucking and ass breeding these two share is where it’s really at. Watch as Gerard sinks his long and solid bareback uncut cock into that hole and fucks bottom Kodi all over the bed! After making his buddy unload he pulls out to splash a little cream, then slides his cumming shaft right back into that hole, flooding Kodi’s chute with his hot semen! You might think that’s it for the horny antics, but wait a little longer and you’ll see Gerard licking up his own load as it seeps out of Kodi’s soaked pucker!



Kyle Parker Solo

When I talk to Travis or my friends that help out, we often have a debate about what famous person a model looks like or reminds us of.

I immediately though of Christopher Reeves, and Kyle wears glasses, which added a little Clark Kent to his vibe. But it wasn’t just his face and hair style, but his deep voice also reminded me of the actor. What do you guys think?

Kyle is 23, straight but open-minded, and has been working out hard on his body the last couple years. He is down to mess around with a guy, and says it will be his first time. Though he has had one girl play with his ass, and that lead him to believe he might be fine with getting fucked.

He was actually not very confident he could get hard, or even cum. I was worried his attitude might become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but thankfully, no problems.

He has done live cam before, so Kyle was great playing to the cameras.

Kyle gets hard easiest standing. After he takes his clothes off, he works his cock until it is fully hard.

He had no issues staying hard for the rest of the video, maybe getting a little wobbly when he shows-off his ass. But he is definitely not camera shy.

Also one of his strengths is cumming while standing. Many guys sit or lay down while they jack-off, so standing while ejaculating has been a skill I see less and less of these days.

And that’s just what he does. He tosses down a towel so we can see him cum on a dark surface, and with very little effort, bust a load. He says he likes to imagine cumming on a girls face, and leaning over them is perfect for getting off.

Let’s see if we can get him to put that skill to use next week!



Amador & Daniel RAW

I have been trying to find Daniel a hot Latin or African America guys since they turn him on so much.

But again, he is so passive that he usually closes his eyes, tilts his head, and gets lost in the feeling of getting fucked. He loves servicing Amador, but with so little eye contact, you might think he is just not in to it. Oh, he is!

I do try to encourage him to make some noise and step out of his headspace, but he just loves the feeling of getting fucked.

Daniel tends to not jerk-off much while getting fucked, often saying he is too close to cumming. He sure is turned-on, only jerking his cock occasionally to keep hard.

Amador is a bossy guy, and really puts Daniel through his paces.

Since Daniel is always about to cum, I thought I would challenge him to see just how close he truly is.

Some of the Bottoms out there may think that standing while bouncing up on a cock is an acquired or advanced skill. Many prefer just laying on their back, or even doggie-style, so they can be comfortable while hammering their own cock.

Daniel was standing and repeatedly bashing his ass onto Amador’s cock while Amador sat back and enjoyed having his cock ass-rammed. Amador would reach around and stroke Daniel’s cock, getting him closer and closer.

While getting an intense quad workout, Daniel easily blows his load while basically doing squats on Amador’s cock. Not exactly impossible, but it is a tricky maneuver!

They switch things up so Daniel makes a platter of his ass. Amador coats his ass and his hole with thick ropes of cum. He even manages to dip his cock in, giving him an amazing creampie!