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Chett and Wills: Two guys sucking cock

Wills is new to getting it on with guys, but this straight dude is horny and ready to get some more cock fun after sucking dick in his lads video. Handsome lad Chett has been in one solo jerk off but he described himself as bisexual. I think he’s had some jerk off and maybe some sucking fun with other guys before and he’s eager to get more. The guys start out showing each other their dicks and stroking themselves, but soon Chett can’t wait to get his mouth on that cock and starts sucking Wills! He’s so eager and seems to love the taste of that boner, but he loves the feel of another lad sucking him too and Wills shows him how it’s done. Surprisingly, Wills even gets his hole licked out by Chett before they both start cumming, with Chett surprising us by taking a load in his mouth while he spews out juice too!



Muscle daddy jerk off with Michael Shores

Michael Shores is just starting out in gay porn, but this versatile muscle daddy is no stranger to getting his freak on with other guys. He’s actually doing this for fun, looking forward to sharing his mouth, cock and tight muscle butt with a lot of the other dudes on the site. He might be new to porn but he knows how to take a cock and fuck a hot guy in the ass and after watching him wanking the cum from that muscle cock I can’t wait to see him back for some more hardcore action.



Declan gets his first taste of cock with Adam Gomez

Declan has never done anything with another guy before, but we knew during his solo jerk off that he was willing to try more. Adam Gomez is the very lucky gay guy getting the chance to break him in this mutual session, kicking it off by wanking his long dick for him, then sucking on his wet tool. Declan loves it so much he’s willing to reach out and jerk off his new buddy, but he doesn’t stop there. The floodgates open and soon the straight guy is licking that dick and sucking the precum out of Adam! His own cock is loving it, throbbing and twitching, especially when they get into a 69 and start blowing each other. The final straw for Declan is when he sees Adam’s cock spewing cum out, his own dick starts to spurt, pumping jizz into Adam’s waiting mouth! Looks like Declan discovered his love of hard cock in this video, no doubt he’s gonna be back for more.



Bisexual jock jerk off with smooth dude Chett

This isn’t the first time Chett has been seen jerking his cock on video. He was under the name Alex Adams for a solo on the Active Duty site, and while I don’t know why he’s moved to this one as long as we get to see him in action I don’t care. The handsome lad is horny and smooth, with a great body and a cock that’s already getting hard the second it’s out. He clearly loves being on display. He says he’s bisexual but more interested in women, I think that means he might have been sucked off by a dude once, or maybe jerked dicks with a buddy before, but he’s curious about enjoying more than that. We get to see a lot of him in this video, rubbing his solid dick and showing of his hairy hole, then splashing his cum out up his hot body! I hope we get to see him exploring after this.



A cock sucking 69 for Armin and Nikolai Rapid

It’s hard to believe that Nikolai Rapid started out straight back in November. Since then he’s been back to suck dicks and been fucked by two guys in some awesome bareback action. I guess it’s not really right to call him entirely straight, he had admitted to fooling around with a couple of his gay friends in the past, but something tells me it was nothing like the fun he’s been having for the cameras. He’s back to enjoy some more cock and this time it’s Armin sharing some great oral with him. The guys make a great cock sucking duo, enjoying each other in a 69 and slurping their way to some pumped out cum loads. Check out Armin getting a load in his mouth from his new friend at the end of their time together!