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Twink Getting Fucked At Blake Mason

I love seeing a sexy twink getting fucked real good on a site, and this video from the archives of the Blake Mason site is one of those that has had me stroking my cock and shooting a load more than once!

Images courtesy of Blake Mason

Images courtesy of Blake Mason

This hunky guy is staying at the hotel and shortly after booking in he’s flicking through a magazine and calling up a young escort to share his cock with. And man, what a cock the guy has too! He’s got a real solid 8″ dick that just begs to be sucked and taken up a tight hole.

Lucky for him, he’s booked the perfect boy, and after a little time watching each other wanking the hunk is feeding that boy his inches and getting a real good sucking!

But this one is all about that twink getting fucked, and after they’ve sucked each other off and rimmed out those asses it’s time for the muscular bisexual dude to ease his throbbing inches of cock into that real snug ass for a ride!

I think the best bit of this for me is seeing the hunk licking up and tasting the boys cum load when he’s squirted his seed all over himself. All the top needs is the sight and taste of that cream and he’s splashing out his own cum too, with gushing jets of cum squirting out of his cock head and raining down over that bottom boy!

Watching this twink getting fucked has had me unloading my balls three times already since I found the video. It’s definitely one of my faves!