Straight Boy. No more! Roman Todd & Griffin Barrows

Griffin Barrows seduces straight married guy Roman Todd while his wife is out for the night, and shows him why fucking a man can be the most satisfying sex of all. The two studs mouth fuck each other and hardcore ass bang, until they finish each other off with cum filled climaxing orgasms! He highly doubts he will be sleeping with his wife after sex like this!


straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-1 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-2 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-3 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-4 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-5 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-6 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-7 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-8 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-9 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-10 straight-boy-no-more-roman-todd-griffin-barrows-11


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